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#1 Feb 24 2011 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Just got the 85 version 2 nights ago. havent played much but i did a few ws so far lol. i tried it 1st /war and att drink and red curry SATA ***. charge on mines bugared with the help of a nin friend vokeing for me and popped a 6028 ^^. now for the unstacked it seems to go from 1.1 to 2k+ unstack most the time did a few but even with muii procs it does under 2k sometimes so i added zerk att drink and r curry and i really did see any increse att all and tried mulitple times and just no increse that i could see. i thought att would help a lot bucasue my my friend with fudo needed a lot of att before he could really out duo gekko but once he added zerk and more att gear he does 3-4k sometimes 5k+ now i know its a hugh difference in dmg base and his ftp is a bit higher but i thought they would be alittle more alike. im thinkin rudra has a high att bonues like Y/G/K. so i added all the dex i can get and i seen some better numbers on avrg. but still not brakeing the high 2k's.
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sry double post

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#3 Feb 24 2011 at 6:42 AM Rating: Decent
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but the aftermath is crazy and yes it does stack with set bonues happened 3 times so far reg melee for 807 and crits for 1327 and 1.1k something, i was wondering should i add gorget and belt i have a snow belt and a shadow gorget idk if mix match stack or if it would help the 3.25 100 ftp better then 6 dex off chul belt and 5 off LT on a 60% mod 1 hit ws. and im working on thos +10 dex pants i was gonna try and get +2 heca but att just dont seem to matter. but ill try and test it more im not that good at testing ws so any tips are much welcome lol. ill try and get some ss up but i play on 360 so ill have to take pics with my phone and try and post thos. and imma keep working to make my unstack ws better lol i really hopeing to not need evis anymore maybe tp bonues atma would help because its 4.25 ftp 200%. good news tho its godly with SA or TA 4-5k.+ so when you can SA or TA its your best ws from what i seen can sata with hide for really big numbers lol this was all in abyssea btw.

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#4 Feb 24 2011 at 10:21 AM Rating: Good
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I also got mine recently (Monday) and been toying with it. I doubt it has much if any atk boost via gekko/Mandalic stab etc. TARudras on Dragua (no atk buffs of any kind except ~sometimes food since it dispels it often) were doing only ~2k without triples. 2.8k with triple. Though I did see a 3500 at one point (but was during a red proc so i could SAWS with AC and not flail it xD). For comparison, unstacked evis (when i wasnt blinded) are generally around 1k.

For more comparison, on 'normal' mobs my stacked WS are 4.5-5.5k at 100 tp. closer to 6 with a triple. On NMs like cirein croin I was doing about 3.5k stacked. Unstacked has been monstrously unimpressive to say the least. It really needs to be stacked. (Though I did set a new record for WS damage the 1st day i had it. SA+Rudra on fly in miseroux (a) for 6.8k. This was JUST SA+Rudra AND it one shotted it for a 4tp return. That was ONLY the 1st hit. The potential damage on piercing mobs with high atk is going to be INSANE. 6.8k was 1st hit. Can still land offhand+4more if we 2xTriple it. /cant wait to find a squishy pierce mob with more HP!

It just doesnt feel like it has anything near what mandalic stab or wheeling thrust (ones Im most famiiliar with) regarding an atk boost or ignore def trait. Higher level mobs drop its damage REAL fast. (still scales far better than Evis or anything else we have and holds up or beats almost every other WS around ive seen, but it still drops significantly).

My BIGGEST beef is the abysmal skillchain properties. I cant do darkness with ANY 'bread and butter' WS from other jobs. The best I can do is Stringing pummel>Rudra, armor piercer>rudra, Bladi: Hi>rudras (fortunately there is a badass Nin in my LS with the 85 katana so we can TEAR IT UP) and Evis>Rudra's. Now if only we had sekka...... But all the other WS we can chain with arent popular anymore. Asuran might as well not exist, Rana is only for Sams without fudo (lulz) when they try to self SC. Swift blade? Retribution? Blade Ten? Come on >_< I can also close after Gravitation, ut that SC is nonexistant since they are also terrible WS whcih is why grav is seen so rarely compared to frag/fusion/distotion. I havent even gotten a CHANCE to close darkness yet, let alone double dark and that makes me sadpanda.

We got the REALLY short end of the skillchain stick. I can basically SC with Pups and Blade: Hi nins to any good effect. Fail SE. Fail. But otherwise this baby kicks ***!
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