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Choosing the right Weapon SkillFollow

#1 Aug 01 2010 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
I've had a bit of difficulty finding a topic regarding this and could use some help.

We've got Dancing Edge, Shark Bite, and Evisceration to our disposal... in what times should you use one Weapon Skill over another?

My current weapon skill set is as follows:

Main: Kila (38 dmg, 6 dex, 12 acc)
Sub: Dakini (35 dmg, 4 dex, 8 acc)
Ranged: Velocity Bow (1 agi) (typically pulling things =/ )
Head: Anwig Salade (4 str, 10 acc, 5 att, 15 ws acc)
Neck: Chivalrous Chain (3 str, 5 acc, 1 store tp)
Ear1: Aesir Ear Pendant (7 att, 3 conserve tp)
Ear2: Brutal (+5% DA, 1 store tp)
Body: Mirke Wardecors (5 str, 5 dex, 5 agi, 10 acc, 3 dual-wield)
Hands: Enkidu's Mittens (4 str, 4 dex, 5 acc)
Ring1: Spinel Ring (4 dex)
Ring2: Rajas Ring (5 str, 5 dex, 5 store tp)
Back: Amemet Mantle +1 (2 str, 15 att)
Waist: Warwolf Belt (5 str, 5 dex)
Legs: Enkidu's Subligar (4 str, 4 dex, 5 store tp)
Feet: Aurore Gaiters (5 dex)

Sum of Stats from gear:

32 str, 42 dex, 50 acc, 6 agi, 27 att, 15 ws acc, 12 store tp, 3 conserve tp, 5 DA

Total Stats:

STR 63+32
DEX 81+42
VIT 62+5
AGI 78+6
INT 66
MND 51
CHR 53

Attack: 387

I'm open to suggestions on how to improve my damage. Right now the events I'm mostly doing are Salvage and some stuff in Abyssea.

I don't do any HNM stuff and I likely won't be going to Sky anymore (so this rules out Hecatomb for me).

Current items I'm working on are a Soil Gorget and the completion of a second Kila (dex and acc).
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#2 Aug 02 2010 at 12:46 AM Rating: Good
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In general you can stick to this:
DE - too weak, EP, DC, EM.
Evis - T, VT
SB - IT, IT+
MS - IT, IT+, IT++

Exceptions being:
- If you need to make a skillchain. I.e. Evis on HNM to make darkness.

- Or if you have to use an unstacked weaponskill. SB and MS are horrible if you don't stack them with SA or TA.
In Abyssea mobs will be IT and IT+ if you are level 75 and/or exp on them long enough. So you might think SB and MS is the best weaponskill in that situation. But in area's like Abyssea/dynamis it can be hard to stack weaponskills because the mob is spinning so much. So you might be forced to use unstacked Evis even when it does not give the best damage.

- Also learn your skillchain partners. If you see a war popping king's justice do TAMS or SAMS for a nice light skillchain.
Keep this next to you:

KarellenOfAsura wrote:
Ranged: Velocity Bow (1 agi) (typically pulling things =/ )

Try to get a fire bomblet and darts then make a macro for these. Swapping ammo won't reset tp.

Edited, Aug 2nd 2010 8:59am by Breaze
#3 Aug 02 2010 at 10:23 AM Rating: Good
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I use Dancing Edge for everything up to IT++, then its Shark Bite (only when combined with SA or TA).

The reason why I use Shark Bite over Mandalic Stab is because of the Skillchain it opens / closes with the ppl I usually play, otherwise they're both very close in performance.

And if I don't use Evisceration its because I've never had a situation on any level of mob where it consistently outperforms Dancing Edge...
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#4 Aug 02 2010 at 6:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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I prolly shouldn't shamelessly plug myself but here's my opinion,

How do you choose your WS? Based on the situation.
Here are 3 different example situations:
-Greater Colibri merit party
-MMM Boss

MMM bosses have higher defense and evasion than a Greater Colibri. Genbu has higher defense and evasion than most of those bosses, I think.

Generally here's what you want to use,
-TW/EP/DC/EM -> Dancing Edge
-T/VT/IT -> Dancing Edge or Evisceration
-IT+/IT++/StrongNM's -> Shark Bite
-Very Strong NM's -> Mandalic Stab

The reason for this is the following. TW->EM mobs, your crit rate is probably very high or capped, but the enemy's defense is not particularly strong in comparison to your attack. When this is the case, crits aren't as important for dmg, and Dancing Edge has a decisive advantage over Evisceration (this could change with CritDmg+ equip). In addition, accuracy isn't a problem on these mobs, so multi-hit WS's are very good.

As you get into T->IT range, mobs start having more defense. Your crit rate starts to be lower, but in order to make evisceration good, you need to have a good evisceration set with lots of dex while also still having accuracy. With such a good set, your crit should be capped on these mobs, or at least close (close isn't good enough if you can help it). Since these mobs have higher defense, crits do more damage relative to normal hits. And evisceration (either with X's or the new crit trait) can become better than DE.

If your mobs are seriously evasive but don't have overwhelming amounts of defense, it's time to change out of the multi-hits. Shark Bite is almost always stronger than Mandalic Stab. You'll want to use that here. Examples of such mobs are Greater Colibri when you are not using crab sushi or don't have a madrigal or hunter's roll. You should have either of these though. But if you don't, I recall SB doing better than DE. Another example would be Mamool Ja Lurker (thf), maybe Infiltrator (nin). Such mobs. You'll know them when you encounter them, even out of a merit party, based on your hit rate and such.

Once you get to fighting really evasive and really high defense mobs (Genbu, Dark Ixion, Jailer of Love, etc), Mandalic Stab becomes the best. SB and Mandalic are great because when you have low accuracy, it doesn't matter because sa/ta gaurantee the first /two/ hits when dual-wielding and the first hit when single-wielding. But the reason Mandalic Stab excells on very high defense mobs is because it increases your attack value. If the mobs defense is high enough, shark bites extra hit and stat mods will not be as important as this attack boost.
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#5 Aug 02 2010 at 8:56 PM Rating: Decent
Very helpful replies. Thanks to all of you. This will be a huge help. I've definitely been making some incorrect choices, but not too far off-base.
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