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#1 Jul 14 2010 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
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If you are fighting something that doesn't eat food wouldn't 2x flame kila + pizza be better than 2x thunder kila + yellow curry buns?

Pizza + 2x flame kila: Attack+88 STR+12 Accuracy+10% (caps at 40 at 400 accuracy according to ffxiclopedia)

Yellow curry bun + 2x thunder kila: Attack+85 DEX+12 Accuracy+30

Or am I missing something? (I have Mandau so it's all academic for me anyway)
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I thought of it first:
#2 Jul 14 2010 at 7:59 AM Rating: Good
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Based on my comparison of the thunder dakini vs. fire dakini, any situation where you can actually make use of the full acc bonus of the kila should favor the thunder kila. If however you can maintain capped acc with pizza, then definately go with the flame kila.

In your specific example, you aren't just comparing the kilas themselves but adding an extra variable of meat vs. pizza. I would say deffinately pizza + 2x flame kila in your example, but if pizza + 2x flame kila only gets you up to 85% acc, pizza + 1 flame kila and 1 thunder kila will probably perform better than pizza + 2x flame kila.

I personally am getting 1 flame and 1 thunder kila atm, I don't know if I will go for more to tell the truth, but I am toying with the idea of a +stp fusetto. I think that despite the lower base damage (-1), the +8 stp might still make a significant difference in some instances (Specifically when I have capped acc and thunder kila will be useless, since I am not going for 2x flame kilas atm).
#3 Jul 14 2010 at 8:53 AM Rating: Good
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I am currently working on the Thunder and Fire trials, but it is taking quite a long time due to
my limited play time ***** you Qutrubs and Flans). The Thunder one is on the second last trial (95 more lizzards)
and the Fire on is on the final trial (211 more Manticores).

For the short term, my plan is to dual wield one of each, giving me a balanced set of stats. Probably
not the best setup for every situation, but right now my Thief does not do anything too difficult that
requires masses of accuracy or str/attack. I also mainly eat Sushi for the STR/DEX bonus, and of course
the accuracy/ranged acc bonus (I hate missing acid bolts).

I will probably get two of each of them eventually, so I am interested in seeing which food (curry bun, pizza, sushi)
is considered the best for all three dagger combos (dual Thunder, dual Fire, Thunder/Fire).

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#4 Jul 14 2010 at 9:23 AM Rating: Good
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I also have one flame and one thunder kila and love the combination. Already have capped acc on all the things I currently use thf on so it's easy to adjust my food and other gear with these two daggers.

If I had to do 2 of one dagger it would probably be two thunder though. 12 DEX is waay too much to pass up and it basically guarantees a meat build. Plus they would be a decent safety net for possible future evasive mobs @99.
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#5 Jul 14 2010 at 9:51 AM Rating: Good
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I think dual wielding a thunder and a flame kila with pizza is one of the most effective all around combos. Pizza versus meat is usually going to cap at a difference of 30 attack and 5 strength versus 11% accuracy and you'll need two thunder Kila's whereas the flame kila will almost compensate for the food differences alone with 19 attack and 6 strength. In other words you're sacrificing 11 attack for 11% accuracy. Consider the following examples of my tp set with the various kila's (no outside buffs will be considered just to keep it simple)

TP set armor pieces
turban, love torque, brutal, suppa
mirke, homam, toreador's (2 dex, -1 str augment0, rajas
forager's, swift, Aurore, Homam

Dagger skill == 317 (305 accuracy, 317 attack), 3 dex/2str merits

Dual Wielding two thunder Kila's and eating yellow curry buns I'll have 425 accuracy, 448 attack, 114 dex/83 str
Dual wielding one thunder and one flame kila and eating pizza +1 I'll have 453 accuracy, 448 attack, 108 dex/84 str
Dual wielding Two Flame Kila's and eating pizza +1 gives me 438 accuracy, 467 attack, 102 dex/90 str

When you look at that the strongest combo looks like it's dual wielding a flame/thunder kila with pizza +1. Trying to use meat flat out falls on its face because I don't have enough attack elsewhere to get the full benefit and even with party support I'm losing out BIG on accuracy. I also think two Flame kila's is worse than one of each (the difference is 438 accuracy/467 attack versus 453 accuracy/448 attack) and I'd prefer the 15 accuracy here.

Closing notes: This is assuming generally stronger mobs and the tp armor build I included. I still have my 10 acc/5 attack 3% haste anwig I can throw in but that just adds extra variables and reduces haste etc. Sh*T is situational so 2x flame would be best on lower level mobs (heck so would meat if they're weak) but all aside, the flame/thunder Kila + Pizza combo is very reliable and an all around excellent set of daggers. Very good DoT and very well balanced.

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