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#1 Jul 09 2010 at 1:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all,

I haven't play ffxi for 2 years but the recent level 80 cap and the augments to relic is really luring me back...

I loved THF (even we lack of SE love) and I spent so much efford getting Mandau, that I am really proud of it.
Naturally I want to upgrade this to 80...

I've been reading this forum recently but since I am out for so long, so much have changed.

Can some of you fellow THFs quickly help me answer some questions:


How much time (in hours) is required to upgrade from base Mandau to 80?

Wiki says we need to kill 6500 mobs, 5000 with MS killing blow, on EP+ mobs?


Is Mandau still top DPS choice? By what margin? The new daggers have 40+ damage! What?
It seems Mandau's advantage is much smaller these days.


How much time needed to get the Parazonium 2-3 attacks dagger? Not sure if this version will give max DPS, but I am a WS *****.


Looking at the quests requirement, seems like I can do this solo?

I don't expect any of my old friends are still around and I probably can only play causually. I don't want to come back with high hope and end up not able to finish my dagger.


Do we have any reason to get Mandalic Stab? When I left the game this WS is new and it seems useless when comparing to MS and even the old THF WS like SB?

6. (edit)

How's population of server? Do a lot of people quit already due to FF14 coming out? If I switch server, which one is good?
I live in LA and only can play from 8-12pm on weekdays.

Thanks for your input guys.

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#2 Jul 09 2010 at 2:00 AM Rating: Good
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Looks like the 2-3x dagger only attacks on average about 1.7x/round before incorporating in thief's natural triple attack and brutal earring. So I'm not sure how useful it is :/. I had thought before that the rate of proc was higher.
Shamaya, Asura
#3 Jul 09 2010 at 11:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi Shamaya,

I read your posts and the OATx2 dagger is 45% proc means it's 1.45 attacks per round?

1.45 do seems better than 1.7 with much better base damage...

Hoewever looking at the quests, the 2x dagger need rare high-valued items?

It says required:
Cuelebre's Horn x10

Where as the 2-3x one need 450 bufalo.

I also don't understand the weather icons. Quest with weather icons you have to kill the mobs in those weathers and days right?

How come the Dakini ones all have weather requirement and others don't?
#4 Jul 09 2010 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Your situation seems identical to mine. Did you also buy your account? LOL! I posted a similar thread a few days ago.

I can give a partial answer your first question. I'm currently about 1140/1500 towards the first upgrade. I've only been logging in a few times a week, maybe an hour at a time since the update. Maybe 15 hours total to get that far. Since the 3 other stages are 'WS kill' and not just weaponskill, I suspect about 200 hours total to complete it. Thats assuming there aren't going to be other stages later on. I'd say go for it! Easily something to kill time with when you are between PS3 games.

You don't need to worry about joining any EXP parties. You will easily hit the level cap just by getting these kills.

Side note - Anyone know why Snow Lilly are selling rediculously fast at 10-20K per? Now complaining, but it just seems a bit wierd. I recall they were just good for a shortcut to an ENM. Been fighting Tigers in U. Range for my kills, so I have about 30 of em.

#5 Jul 09 2010 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Good question... That's the first thing that people asked me when I stopped playing for 2 months and logged back in. Now I am not even sure my account is still there after 2 years of stopped subscription.

200 hours, 3 hours per day, that's 60 days.

About 2 months of my free time to get +4 damage... (come on SE@#@@!)

I assume the OAT dagger will require similar time, that's 4 months of work to upgrade a dagger combo! With 4 months of work I maybe better off finishing the 2 years of content that I missed. Might not be as satisfying as holding the fully upgraded Mandau but I will be much happier in the process. :)

I really want to upgrade the thing but by the time I got the setup I want, FF14 is almost there :(

Solo WS kill is pretty lame? Our unstacked Mercy Stroke damage is... doing the trial in EXP party is not an option either since we need the WS to kill it off. In exp pt there's no way to control who kill the mob...

Why you move to new server? Wanna team up? Won't speed anything up but at least I know some lonely dude like me is doing the exact same time-wasting activities due to our THF and dagger obsession.
#6 Jul 09 2010 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent
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sarsha2 wrote:

Why you move to new server? Wanna team up? Won't speed anything up but at least I know some lonely dude like me is doing the exact same time-wasting activities due to our THF and dagger obsession.

I didn't more per se. SE moved me. SE deleted half of the servers at some point over the last few years. Fairy got deleted and all of the accounts put on Slyph. I don't think they delete accounts anymore, because mine was inactive for a long time. Seems likely in about a year it will all be reduced to one server and the only people still playing will all have relics.
#7 Jul 09 2010 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Wow. I didn't know they deleted servers...

Do we need the 3 mini expansion to access good content?

I am reinstalling the game and see this:

All expansions plus 3 mini-ones with $15.00, all in one install?

The 3 mini ones cost $30 so $15 sounds pretty good deal.
#8 Jul 09 2010 at 9:08 PM Rating: Good
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I /think/ the OAT dagger might be 1.4 base instead of 1.45 as well.. gotta check on that.
Shamaya, Asura
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