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#1 Sep 12 2009 at 1:16 PM Rating: Decent
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Currently looking at these builds: I am a sushi user and I dont have merits yet and this is the best set I can come up with according to what I already have aquired:

Main: Blau Offhand: Harpe vs Behemoth +1? Until I get Sirocco
This is all Pre-Anwig Salade and Mirke Wardecors
Both said pieces would generally become my WS pieces until Hecatomb

Head: Valkerie's Mask/Emp Pin/Dragon Cap (Again which is better?)
Neck: Orochi Nodowa
Ear1: Brutal
Ear2: Genin Earring
Body: Antares/Dragon/Denali ?? Which is better here?
Hands: Tarasque Mitts +1/Dragon Mittens? (NON DE)
Ring1: Rajas (Swap?)
Ring2: Breeze Ring ?? Is there any better options? Maybe STR?
Back: Foragers
Waist: Scouter's Rope/Swordbelt +1/Ryl. Knights Belt +2
Legs: Denali
Feet: Dragon Leggings

Head: Emp Pin
Neck: Spike Necklace
Ear1: Brutal
Ear2: Adroit Earring
Body: Dragon Harness/Antares Harness (Its not about money so just whats best)
Hands: Af1/Tarasque (Attk+12 vs. dex+3?)
Ring1: Rajas
Ring2: Adroit Ring
Back: Cuchulain's/Foragers (Which?)
Waist: Cuchulain's Belt
Legs: Denali
Feet: Dragon Leggings

DE (EXP Prty Basis: TADE or SADE or Both)
Head: Optical
Neck: Peacock
Ear1: Brutal
Ear2: Adroit(SA)/Genin(TA)
Body: Antares Harness
Hands: Tabin +1 (Acc+3 Attk+3 best I can do)
Ring1: Rajas/Snipers (?)
Ring2: Snipers
Back: Cuchulain's Mantle/Foragers Mantle (SA vs. TA?)
Waist: Life Belt(TA)/Cuchulain's Belt(SA) (Should there be two different?)
Legs: Denali
Feet: Dragon Leggings/Tabin+1 (Dex3/Agi3 vs Acc+3)

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#2 Sep 12 2009 at 1:32 PM Rating: Good
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Shamaya recently wrote a great post about special SA TA gears sets. It is not the end all post about SA & TA because it is situational. But it goes give a good guideline what to use:

As for DE gear don't use accuracy gear if you already eating sushi. That is overkill.
Try to work on a meat/pizza build and watch your tp returns after you WS. If it is low i.e. 5 tp return after each ws. That means you are missing hits. Swap in more accuracy gear when this happens.

If your tp returns remain high and constant (i.e. 14/15tp). Then you can drop accuracy gears and swap in DEX/attack gears.

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#3 Sep 12 2009 at 1:33 PM Rating: Default
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I'd personally use something simple like a magnet knife
or misericorde+1 until sirocco.

Few keys, TA uses AGI and SA uses DEX so that should answer some of your questions such as cuch vs forager for sa.

I use a TP set (homam) a ws set (heca) and solo SA/TA (Straight stat boosts inc. r.armlets +1 which are crucial for nice TA). You should aim to get into some of those events like limbus.

You're gonna have to work out your own macro system to deal with thf equips changes, gl.

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