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#52 Jul 01 2010 at 12:05 PM Rating: Good
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Well, making an assumption that the crit rate bonus on Evisceration is 10%, what I came out to is this with an excel spreadsheet. If cRatio > 1.640 = DE will win in straight damage almost across the board in average ws damage done comparing DE vs. Evisceration. From there down, it really depends on acc vs. cRatio on which will win to tell the truth. At 90% acc, EV slightly beats DE in the numbers at about 1.500 cRatio.

My basic opinion is that EV should have more potential than DE in almost any pt setting we are in now where a multi hit WS is useable. Chances of us having a high enough cRatio for DE to outperform EV outright are very slim imo. This doesn't even take into account further gear that enhances crit damage like mini expansion gear and than new ra/ex body that does +11dex/agi + crit damage. For soloing TW mobs, DE will be king. Also depends on if they start releasing WS gear with tons of dex and cha on it though, because that could be an equalizer.

Edit: I realize that this is not a DE vs. EV thread, but the ultimate conclusion of this testing should be "When do I switch from DE to EV or vise versa?"

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While thats true, we still need the evis crit numbers. That model is based on certain gear which is wildly variable. I am assuming you used the "high end" thf version with WS base damage around 90 for DE which just isnt the case for a LOT of people etc. And of course there will be TONS of changes in the future as we edge closer to 99 with all the new content/gear/job buffs and everything else (Not to mention potential new WS which could rival DE and evis). Knowing (not guessing) the Evis crit rate will make updating our knowledge base on WS MUCH easier when we have an accurate formula we can just plug in some new numbers and bam we can adjust for any suprises in the future.

Not to denounce your efforts, just tired of 'guessing' at Evis and even moreso now as we will have to be doing TONS of calcs in the future with all this new **** here now and in the pipes :P
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Actually, I was using my equipment set as a base, and my WSC on DE is only about 85. I don't have the absolute strongest gear, mine is more middle of the road to tell the truth, but I went so far as to break down exact percentages of 1-8 hit WS, exact percentages of 1-x # of crits on Evisceration. I will PM you the excel sheet if you would like. But everything that I am putting into this thing is saying that if your cRatio is low and your crit rate is capped, EV performs equal or better than DE with just the 5% crit damage bonus on an Average basis. In terms of maximum potential, EV blows DE out of the water, meaning if you get a triple proc and 8 crits, you will beat your max damage on DE by a good margin.

I stand by my statement on cRatio and viability though. Case in point, I have been parsing on my trial of the magicans trials to see real experience lies with this and these are my results (not shown because I am not at home).

Crabs in Vunkerl Inlet: EV Averaged about the same as DE (within about 20 on the parse) with 80% acid bolt use on WS and dhalmel steak and +2% crit damage from MKD Helm. 80% Acid bolt, because stupid crab AI seems to know when I was about to WS sometimes. Estimated cRatio was about 1.500. Maximum EV damage was ~1600, Maximum DE ~1250.

Puktraps in Caedarva Mire: EV averaged so far below DE it wasn't even funny. Same food and bolts. DE averaged ~950 where EV averaged ~800.

Edit: I think what will potentially be much more damaging to us in our WS will be what happens to the @ variable when calculating WSC. If it continues to fall past 75, it will hurt DE more than EV. In terms of crit rate on EV. The % has been trending down to 10% in all the subsequent data sets that have entered since the first one was stating a 15% crit rate. I am going to go out on a limb and say that when we do get to our 1000 trials, we will find that the estimated crit % on evis will be right at or very close to 10%, so 10% +- 3% is my guess. I think I have seen, but don't remember where, similar estimates and results for other crit based WS.

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