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#1 Aug 14 2010 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys! I'm a n00b in the whole healing other people stuff and need help :( I'm approaching 51 soon and im not sure if I should get any HQ staffs or not? Like is Apollo's better than Healing Staff? I'm not sure what the 30+ white magic acc means tbh. Does that imply your Healing spells or just Divine magic?

Is Pluto's worth it? Or should I stick with Dark?

Should I get any others HQ staffs ?

Since I have a 80 PLD my Divine and Healing is capped for a long time, my enfeebling and is about 15 levels under cap atm and enhancing will uncap around 55.

Thanks in advance for help ^^

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#2 Aug 14 2010 at 5:30 PM Rating: Excellent
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Ok, I'll bite. I'm only on my first beer, so I shouldn't be too beligerant yet.

First off, the Apollo's Staff doesn't cause much of a change in cures between that, Light, and Healing/Dryad Staves. 1-2 more MND is hardly a change at all. The MAcc boost however is applicable for Flash an Repose.

Pluto's is useful for Sleep, Drain and Aspir, the latter two spells only really useful when /SCH using Dark Arts etc. It is a nice bonus over Dark staff to be sure, but not something I'd expect a WHM as only mage to have.

All the HQ staves for WHM would be for maximum potential when enfeebling. Earth, Ice, Wind or their respective HQ staves would be useful as a WHM. In all, that makes at least 5 staves I'd expect a well prepared WHM to have. Light, Dark, Earth, Ice and Wind. HQ Light if you can. Others if you want.

As for your gimped Enfeebling, you should be casting Dia II on every mob. That will cap out enfeebling eventually, since you're behind.
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