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#1 Apr 08 2010 at 3:10 AM Rating: Good
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I wanted some input from peeps here about whether if you were in my position you would make the effort to upgrade the marduk jubbah...? Essentially through luck rather than any planning, I find myself with a set of body pieces for the jubbah but lacking the 14m worth of ingots I'd need. I do have SMN, BRD and WHM and obviously could make use of it. I'll be asking this question over on the BRD forum too but I know some of you have the same range of jobs as I do so I'm interested to hear what you think.I had never planned to upgrade it and my thought is that I'd be better off saving the mammoth effort for a Morrigan's robe.

Am I completely wrong? I don't use spellcast, before that gets brought up. If I had 14m I'd probably upgrade it because I love the way it looks... I am a clothcrafter so hoping to eventually HQ my own Blessed Mitts etc

Gear (if relevant):

Full Nashira
Full Goliard
Full Yigit
Full Relic
Full Set of HQ staves

Head: Walahra/Mirror/Healers+1/Selenian Cap
Body: Aristo/Healers+1/
Hands: Blessed/Oracles
Waist: Cleric's/Lambda/P rope/Swift Belt
Back: Errant/Lieutenant/hMP Cape/shortly an Aslan (just sold Prism)
Legs: Cure potency legs from expansion/Blessed/Healers+1/Marduk (prolly not relevant)
Feet:Blessed +1/Marduk/Cure Clogs
Ear: Novia/Roundel/Magnetic/Loquacious/Relaxing/Augment/Enf/Dark
Rings: Tamas/Troopers/Omega/Aqua/Balrahn's
Neck: Morgana's/Grandiose/Enfeebling/Enhancing/Dark
Ranged: HH Bomb/Sturm's Report

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#2 Apr 08 2010 at 5:46 AM Rating: Decent
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First of all 14 mil just for "good looks" only makes sense to me if you swimm in gil which if i understand right you don´t.

Second i would say there is hardly a point for the Jubbah stat wise; like you i use Cleric´s, AF, Noble´s, Blessed and Goliard body, and i can´t think about a reason why the Jubbah should be in that collection - again if gil is no issue be my guest, and maybe i´m overlooking something (macro piece for stoneskin?), but i doubt it. Ok there is Fast Cast for Teleport´s, Raise etc., but again, 14 mil for 5% FC ?

Third, if i´d have 14 mil and your gear, i would certainly and immediatly get a pair of Herald´s gaiters, since those will do a ton more for playing WHM (and SMN) than the Jubbah.

Finally, for SMN i think it is even less appealing. I can´t say anything about it´s usefulness for BRD since i don´t play that job (yet). But looking at the Marduk set and thingking about BRD it might have its "best" uses there.

I´d say compared to what Morrigans does for BLM or Usukane for MNK or PUP, Marduk (especially the body) and its uselfullness for WHM or SMN is very very disappointing.

edit(s): getting better in english...

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#3 Apr 08 2010 at 6:35 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah I've asked the BRD forum what they think but unless 14m drops on me out of the sky, the more I think about it, the more I think the effort wouldn't be worth it. I don't have 14m, I can probably free up enough to buy 4-5 ingots but I'd have to farm/isnm the rest of the khroma.

I have 8% movement speed on WHM from the expansion pants as well as the cure potency so I'm not sure 12-13m is worth it for WHM. I have considered trying to get a pair of gaiters but I actually think they'd make more of a difference to my BLM.
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#4 Apr 08 2010 at 9:49 AM Rating: Good
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There are a lot of very small benefits, and if you imagined each one of them as a 1-2m cost, it might make more sense. There are lots of tiny upgrades people do for 1-2m ... if you're the kind of person that pursues those on WHM, okay. If not, forget it -- wait for June and see if IWI prices fall, and/or new armor outperforms it.


WHM benefits that come to mind:

- With Swift Belt and Capricorn Staff, you could incorporate Jubbah into your "-recast" set to boost it beyond the 25% (26) EQ limit, since fastcast is separate.

- Good convert piece (!) but very likely beaten by Goliard Saio most of the time.

- Same for Devotion; possible to beat Goliard for HP but not common (1400+ I think?)

- Advocates of "SuperMND" for enfeebles will want this over Errant/Mahatma (and AF+1), even if it's just a point or two. Mahatma is 3-4m by server, looking more like 3 on yours.

- Good for Banish/Holy, but Oracle's might be better...

- Strongest WHM/DNC waltz body I can think of (lol)

- Strongest Mystic Boon body AFAIK

- Highest HP/MP of a standing refresh piece, which may help Sublimation very slightly...

- Fast cast may or may not help your cures (it is believed to have tiers), but for everything else it's like boosting your Light Arts by 50% (10->15). IIRC curaga was different (and would benefit).

- It's purrrrrdy... (looks especially great with Dragonpants, and/or Goliard Chapeau)


Honestly it's only great for WHM if you have the whole set, to double the fastcast figure. Then I think it's more worth it, but that includes the similarly not-very-useful-by-itself (and similarly disproportionately expensive) Marduk's Tiara.

NOTE: Tiara is better for SMN (highest +skill head?) so the whole set is easier to justify in that case, I suppose. I don't know about BRD...

EDIT: forgot Banish/Holy!

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#5 Apr 08 2010 at 11:58 AM Rating: Good
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"- Strongest Mystic Boon body AFAIK "

This is why I'm upgrading mine but I have different priorities than most. Also, for mnd build for enfeebs. Outside of that (which I agree it isn't worth that much gil for just that), doesn't have a whole lot of use given what else you have
#6 Apr 08 2010 at 6:15 PM Rating: Good
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In your position, I'd go for the gaiters and re-do the DragonPants for Cure pot MP/-Enmity.

This will let you iddle in Goliard Trews instead of dragon pants, while keeping movement speed. This basically wins you 4% more movement speed, +40MP on iddle, and -3% PDT. At the same time that it's giving your Dragon Cure pants a nice boost in -Enmity and some mp (I know my Cure macro set is getting low on the MP/Enmity side). It's a win/win situation.

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#7 Apr 09 2010 at 2:55 AM Rating: Good
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Thanks for all the input guys it's much appreciated. I suspect it's not really worth the gil for me right now but if the price comes down on ingots or I manage to get a speed belt drop from KSNM99 (lol) I might consider it.

The lowest my -ENM gets to is -27 for Cure V, for all other cures it's -29. It used to be better. Blessed Mitts +1 next would help and I would like to respec the pants if possible. Ok thanks a lot, making me reconsider working on gaiters.

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#8 Apr 09 2010 at 4:41 AM Rating: Decent
The only reason I can see justifying the body is if you have the full set to back it up first of all.(To get the 15% fast cast which has it's own uses) Unfourtunately it's one of those has it's uses but money better spent eslewhere to optimize your job and other jobs.

Like I had the money to pay for usukane body which would be the best WS piece for pup. However how I personally view the job I would never TP in it(Unless pet wasn't out) so I decided to upgrade other aspects of job along with whm with the money I came into. Why spend so much money on a piece your only going to use a fraction of the time.

If you had like every part of what's important to whm to you completely set up. And was satisfied with your other jobs gear I say go for it. Otherwise, I put my money esle where.
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#9 Apr 09 2010 at 6:06 AM Rating: Decent
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When it comes down to it, Marduk and Morrigan are both 14m "Auto Refresh bodies that allow headgear" (ARBTAH). Their main difference is the jobs they are for.

Morrigan's set of jobs get infinitely more benefit out of it to Marduk's.

Let's look at the other options these jobs have:

WHM: They have THREE options I'm aware of; Noble's, Dalmy and relic. Even if you can't get Dalmy or relic, there is no excuse nowadays for not having a Noble's. Definitely don't get this purely for WHM. (If you got a Dalmy purely for WHM, that's also pretty headdesk-worthy...)
BRD: BRD doesn't even have innate MP, so sometimes the Auto Refresh is going to be completely useless. Even for when it's not, and even for when you actually need the MP (for me, this is incredibly rare), you can always slap on a Vermy for whenever you're not casting. Other than that, Marduk is basically paying 14m for +2 more CHR over Errant body. The only way anyone could possibly think 2 CHR is worth 14m is if their gil was sitting in nine digits.
SMN: It might not be so easy to get anymore thanks to FoVers and ToMers flooding Ro'Maeve, but Yinyang Robe is the go-to choice, and there might be other options. I'm not really keen on SMN equipment...

BLM: Relic body acts as an ARBTAH, but the Morrigan is better in almost every way and is something you can actually feel proud about flinging nukes in.
RDM: This is particularly key because RDM gets something I believe no other job does -- an Auto Refresh headpiece (relic hat), which is the ideal kind of thing you would really want ARBTAH for. Other than Morrigan, their only option in this department is Dalmy. And in a similar sense as BLM, the Morrigan fulfills a second role as being a badass nuke piece, even if you don't have the hat.
BLU: Both this and their relic body are actually (surprisingly) very similar pieces. If you've already got the relic, Morrigan doesn't change the game much for them I would think. If you do not, Morrigan is quite badass for them also.

The only reason I can see justifying the body is if you have the full set to back it up first of all.(To get the 15% fast cast which has it's own uses) Unfourtunately it's one of those has it's uses but money better spent eslewhere to optimize your job and other jobs.

Just as a note, it's rather difficult to take full advantage of the full set FC bonus on this unless you either keep the gear equipped or use windower macros/spellcast. Putting on the full set and tacking on a /ma line already consumes a full standard FFXI macro, so bear that in mind when considering the gear you want to finish casting in and how many macros you would need to hit to achieve that.

Only pointing this out because the OP says he does not use spellcast. Might be using windower macros though, which also sufficiently simplifies the process.

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#10 Apr 09 2010 at 10:00 AM Rating: Good
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I think the gil would be better spent on +1'ing your Blessed Mitts & Trousers, and like others said, possibly picking up Gaiters or something like that. I've been 3/3 on Jubbah for like a year and a half now, and just can't justify it. You do have BRD though, which from what I understand can benefit a lot more than WHM or SMN from it, so I'd go more off of the responses in the BRD forum, whatever they are.
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#11 Apr 12 2010 at 4:13 PM Rating: Good
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I feel less compelled to +1 the pants now, as I have the cure potency pants and as long as I get the mitts I think I hit enough haste with my swift belt(?) but I do agree entirely on the hands. I think, beautiful as it is, there are other upgrades which are more important. Thanks for helping me think this out.

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