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#1 Jan 28 2013 at 9:39 AM Rating: Excellent
Meat Popsicle
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someproteinguy wrote:
Then I switch characters and notice the "hide helmet" isn't working...

At that point I remembered why I ended my subscription. Loved the game, but I came across more bugs like that in 3 months of SWTOR than in 5 years of WoW. If I decide to pay $15/month again, WoW has got my money.

Don't even know why I complained now in retrospect, money comes too easy in that game. Started re-listing stupidly-priced stuff on the auction house this weekend. Made enough to buy individual helm unlocks for the 2 characters I was playing, plus 40 GTM slots, a week pass for the space missions, and still managed to end up with about 150k more in the bank than when I started.

Oh, and also pushed my sorcerer a bit further through Belsavis. Smiley: cool

Buggy game is still annoyingly buggy though. It's going to be testing my patience; can already tell. One thing I did like is after all that time in Skyrim it's nice to have a follower who can actually manage to keep up with you. Smiley: lol

Speaking of skyrim, I'm liking the mage college questline. Smiley: grin
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