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someproteinguy wrote:
Speaking of skyrim though, it is turning out to be a lot like Morrowind for me. I'm on my 5th or 6th character now and trapped in a vicious cycle.

-Started stealth-archer type
-Thought cheekbones were too much, so rerolled the same character with a different face.
-Got tired of sneaking everywhere, so started a sword-n-board type.
-Found out lightning is a lot easier to use than bows; started a mage.
-Decided I liked the look of the ancient nord armor, so re-rolled the mage to wear heavy armor

Still haven't got anyone past level 30 and now I'm thinking it may be fun to play a dual-wielding character... Smiley: lol

I can identify. I started four or five characters, the last two were supposed to be non-stealth and non-archer.

One started out with a two-hander and heavy armor. He soon was stealthing around and trying to crash people over the head with a giant axe from behind. Shortly after that he started using his bow. You know, to get them bleeding.

Soon after, he switched to light armor because you can't stealth in heavy armor. At that point, I saw wut I did thar and started a new character, this one was going to be a battle mage!

Rinse and repeat . . . Smiley: facepalm
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