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AstarintheDruid wrote:
"It's not ridiculous. I work with sick people all the time and I don't worry or even think about getting whatever they have....and I don't! It's all in the perspective of the mind. Just sayin"

I guess that's why you can debate a dumb person on the internet Astarin, and not get dumb. It's all in the perspective of the mind!

I too never got sick when I worked as a Pharmacist. But I was smart enough to know better than jump to conclusions. The fact that I was in my mid-twenties didn't hurt, nor did the fact that I was around sick people year-round and probably had a pretty healthy immune system built up.

Let's just hope that she's not a very civic-minded individual, and doesn't vote.

Solicitations malefactors! I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formulary for the preparation of affordable comestibles
— Plankton

Write it in English, not in Pentagonese. It's not a launcher, rifle cartridge, 7.62mm; it's a rifle. Call it a compass, not a direction-finding module. And if someone insists on being called AdcomphibsPac, the Fact File should explain to those not gifted in garblespeak that he's talking about the administrative office of the communication services for amphibious forces in the Pacific.
— Preface to The United States Department of Defense Fact File
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