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IDrownFish of the Seven Seas wrote:
I'm sure lolgaxe probably has some stories about people in basic training or whatnot collapsing, since army training is way more intense than what I'm doing.
You can always tell who the people who just got out of basic training/boot camp, including myself. I went on such a binge that the next day the combination of alcohol and exercise threw me over the edge. I don't really remember anyone being sick after exercise while in training, though I do remember vomiting near the first phase.

See, we drink a lot of water. A lot. It's simply necessary considering the environments we go to and the amount of activity we tend to do. Have to stay hydrated. So at nights there were "Hydration Formations." It's were you take a canteen of water, which is about a quart and stand there, holding it out in front of you. The instructors inspect to make sure it's full, and then everyone has to start drinking, the whole thing, while the instructors count. The longer it takes everyone to drink, the more push ups you had to do afterwards. Now, a quart of water is not a little bit, and most people simply don't start off with the capacity to drink that much at all, much less as fast as possible. So much spewing the first week (including myself) that it was hilarious.
George Carlin wrote:
I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.
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