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#1 Jan 10 2013 at 9:37 AM Rating: Excellent
Meat Popsicle
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His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Or more likely, Xsarus having a laugh playing pinball with my karma.

That's where my money is.

His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Edit: I upvoted all the sages in this thread now to see who needs 1 and who needs 2 upvotes to reach Excellent.

Aww, I missed out. Smiley: frown

cynyck wrote:
PigtailsOfDoom wrote:
One of my friends just made me facepalm with a comment of hers on facebook. She's a pharmacy tech and apparently anti flu vaccine. She just made the comment: "I guess I've just never understood why we inject ourselves with something we don't want to get." Smiley: facepalm So I very nicely explained to her how vaccines work, which I'm rather astounded she seems to be ignorant of being a pharmacy tech and all. If she already knows how they work and she still doesn't get it, I'm going to have to seriously doubt her intelligence.

That just makes me cringe. Smiley: oyvey And since Protein hasn't commented on it I'm going to assume he's dumbstruck.

Wow, a Pharmacy Tech. Although the few chain store Pharmacists I've spoken with in the last few years do not impress me at all. I don't know how they pass the Boards.

She posted too late in the day, I was home, likely in the shower or playing a bit of skyrim. Not dumbstruck though, I've met enough idiots in science that a clueless pharmacy seems pretty parfor the course. Speaking of skyrim though, it is turning out to be a lot like Morrowind for me. I'm on my 5th or 6th character now and trapped in a vicious cycle.

-Started stealth-archer type
-Thought cheekbones were too much, so rerolled the same character with a different face.
-Got tired of sneaking everywhere, so started a sword-n-board type.
-Found out lightning is a lot easier to use than bows; started a mage.
-Decided I liked the look of the ancient nord armor, so re-rolled the mage to wear heavy armor

Still haven't got anyone past level 30 and now I'm thinking it may be fun to play a dual-wielding character... Smiley: lol

His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Why would you go into anything medicine related if you believe all that?

Gonna bring the heathen cult down from the inside. Smiley: nod

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That monster in the mirror, he just might be you. -Grover
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