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PigtailsOfDoom wrote:
Yup. Guru here comes Aeth!

One of my friends just made me facepalm with a comment of hers on facebook. She's a pharmacy tech and apparently anti flu vaccine. She just made the comment: "I guess I've just never understood why we inject ourselves with something we don't want to get." Smiley: facepalm So I very nicely explained to her how vaccines work, which I'm rather astounded she seems to be ignorant of being a pharmacy tech and all. If she already knows how they work and she still doesn't get it, I'm going to have to seriously doubt her intelligence.

I hope she wasn't too good of a friend, because I had to question her intelligence.

"It's not ridiculous. I work with sick people all the time and I don't worry or even think about getting whatever they have....and I don't! It's all in the perspective of the mind. Just sayin"

"So many 'diseases' are caused by stress and kept in our bodies because we've been told that that is the way it is! We label the 'disease' which in our minds (because of what we've been told and now believe) can only be 'cured' a certain way....or uncurable. Done deal! Change the way we think and believe and you'd be surprised at what we can do!!"

I had to ask her about why she thought cases of polio are virtually unheard of now; if it had to do with willpower or the fact that there has been a world-wide effort to vaccinate people.

Also, some states will let anyone count pills in a pharmacy, and even the national certification doesn't require much in the way of biology or chemistry. This is from the community college I graduated from last spring. My ex was in the program, and she said there was something like a 90% pass-rate for the national certification, and a +95% job placement rate for people that complete the program.
Dread Lörd Kaolian wrote:
As a forum admin, you... see things. Things that you can never unsee. Things that make you fervently wish to protect other people from ever seeing those things. This is why forum admins are sometimes cranky.
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