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#1 Dec 09 2012 at 4:33 PM Rating: Good
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Not my cup of tea. It's not fast enough. Generally speaking, what I look for in music is: Can I kill someone while listening to this song? Why? because being jumped sucks, and I found that Death Metal is generally what I prefer to listen to while I'm getting booted in the ribs by a few people. So once you finally get back up, it's good to be as angry as possible.

Only problem is, getting jumped while listening to music means you have to replace a lot of MP3 players. This is why I'm glad I'm in Canada now, where I can walk down the street at 2 am, and there's no one around to hassle me.

Edit: It's also good running music, so when they pull a knife I can leg it as fast as I can. That's only happened twice though.

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Kalivha wrote:
We can put on top hats and monocles and make fun of the English.
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