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#1 Dec 09 2012 at 3:54 PM Rating: Good
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The thing I like about UneXpect is that the vocals are really Schizophrenic, not so much as Sikth Vocals. My musical tates are broadening, but it's still almost exclusively metal of the extreme variety. Cattle Decapitation are probably my favourite band right now. I just find their speed and technicality amazing. Plus their lyrics are brilliant... "When I try to examine my ******* in the mirror for polyps or whatever you call it, I ERUPT".

I'm basically the opposite of you. I struggle to listen to old metal, it just seems stagnant to me, which I guess makes sense, since nothing new comes out.
Kalivha wrote:
We can put on top hats and monocles and make fun of the English.
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