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His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Also Rio, that's a pretty cool band and unexpectedly mellow coming from you. Clean vocals and everything Smiley: tongue

Hey, just because most of the songs I like are about doing various horrific things, doesn't mean I don't like songs that aren't about that.

Also, the Dead Space games are spectacular, it's third person survival horror (think Resident Evil 4), not sure if you're machine can run them, I also highly recommend a game pad for them, or playing on a console, because playing third person with a mouse and keyboard, I've never been able to do it *well*.Dark Souls, as I've already said, is probably the best RPG to come out current hardware, it's not a western rpg, so there's that. Alice: Madness Returns, adventure game sequel for American Mcgee's Alice. Bunch more I can't be bothered trying to explain properly; The Batman Arkham games, Bastion, Borderlands 2 (I'd describe it as first person Diablo, and I know you hate fps games, but dear got this is amazing), Rayman Origins, Trine 2 (I need someone to finish the game with, it's more fun co op), and finally, The Witcher series is supposed to be spectacular, but I've only played about half an hour of the first game.

My racing games experience is about 10 years out of date, since the last thing I played was Burnout 3: Takedown.(if you can find it and have a working ps2/xbox, get it.)

Also: Can't stop listening to/watching this
Also Also, found myself a christmas present :D

Kalivha wrote:
We can put on top hats and monocles and make fun of the English.
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