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#1 Dec 03 2012 at 9:40 AM Rating: Excellent
Meat Popsicle
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Mazra wrote:
More drinking, less contemplating age.

There's a dirty joke in there somewhere, but its too early in the morning to figure out what it is.

His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Overlord Theophany wrote:
His Excellency Aethien wrote:
I hate you all for getting snow while all I'm getting is rain. And rain and rain and did I mention the rain yet?

I like rain. But rain in Seattle means decently cold, and boot/sweater weather, AKA my favorite time of the year.
It's because you 'mericuns don't cycle everywhere. Rain is fun when you're inside but not fun at all when it means you get really @#%^ing wet.

Bah whatever, so of us commuted by bike for years. Snow and ice don't make for a very pleasant ride, especially when you add in the dark, the hills, and the fact no one here seems to be able to drive in the stuff. Not that your Geo Metro really stands a chance on a sheet of ice. Smiley: rolleyes
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