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#1 Sep 13 2011 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
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So I just recently started playing my priest again, the last time being before cata. I'm a 34 worgen shadowpriest and I'm running into the trouble that I'm out of mana like its going out of style. Every 4-6 mobs I kill i have to drink again to re-up my mana. I'm thinking the best rotation is just mind flay? (the one that is channeled and slows the mob down), til i get three orbs then mind blast for the crit, then shadow word death for the finisher.

I just need some advice from experienced priests since I've never played one before. Let me know if there's some key spell or something that will fix the mana problem and if my rotation needs some tweaking.

Thanks much
#2 Sep 13 2011 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
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A really important aspect is to use Vampiric Touch before you Mind Blast. This gives you replenishment. Also, when you can, get Masochism and then keep Shadow Word: Death on cooldown.

Edit: Learned to use commas...

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Keep drinking. I typically carry 30-40 water/food/mage food.

I have found, in general, maximizing DPS requires you to use you DoTs which are mana expensive. There are a couple of add-ons that also help, I use MFClip to maximise DPS. MFclips also helps you by being able to make sure that Vampiric Touch up before casting Mind Blast.

A dps trick is to put Shadow Word:Pain on several mobs, use D. Plague on your focused target. Much mana is used.

Finally, go to They are technical but provide some good insight as to what works (even at low level.
#4 Sep 13 2011 at 9:16 PM Rating: Good
I really don't see what benefit a level 34 is going to get from reading anything at EJ. And at level 34 you really shouldn't be DoTing up a bunch of targets. Shadow priests are still going to be pretty squishy at that level. Plus, when it takes less than 5 seconds to kill something, maximizing your rotation is unnecessary.

@OP: It looks like you have the basics down. Open with SWP, then use MF. I wouldn't even worry about Mind Blast at your level tbh, but yeah finishing with SWD is a good plan, especially if you have the spirit tap and SWD glyphs. Although honestly, below you get into the 50's shadow is a major pain to level with. Stuff dies too quick, and you use too much mana too quickly. I would recommend going disc until you get into the mid 50's. Disc is a lot of fun to level as, because you do good dps for soloing, and you can heal really easily in dungeons with fast queue times. It's what I did when I leveled back in February and March.

This is the spec and glyphs you should use. As far as a rotation goes, open with holy fire, cast a couple smites and finish with penance. If you're fighting against a tough mob, or are running low on mana, pop Archangel. You will literally never run out of mana. And I don't use literally lightly. I do like alliteration however.
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