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#1 Mar 30 2011 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Fairly new to the class, and decided to take my resto druid into the 80-84 BG's for some honor and XP. Generally speaking I do pretty well, always topping the healing meters in whatever battleground I go into.

Unfortunately, once I get an opposing player on me I'm usually finished. Generally I drop into bear form and hope to last long enough for my allies to help. But that rarely happens...

I don't expect to survive being gang raped by two or more players, but I should be able to last a little longer through the attacks of one player in bear form. The problem of course is that my DPS in bear form is paltry, and I find getting a snare off is difficult at best. At least on my priest I could fear dot up and heal myself. I just feel like a sitting duck on my druid.

Any advice for this nooblet?

#2 Mar 30 2011 at 10:22 AM Rating: Excellent
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Nature's Grasp is good if you don't see him coming in time to hit entangling roots or cyclone. Also thorns (glyph it!) + insect swarm + moonfire on him; HoTs on you.

In the end you're still trying to last long enough for help to arrive, but if the class has poor self-healing (or the person behind the keyboard is just poor) you can kill them.

Are you in a PvP spec?

Armory links are helpful. Smiley: smile

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#3 Apr 08 2011 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
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If you get caught 1 on 1, keep thorns, and natures grasp up whenever available, and spam barkskin like its going out of style. Keep moving, the more you move the better chance you have to get some separation from the enemy. If in a BG kite him towards people in your team. Don't forget cyclone, it can buy you enough time to cast a long spell like HT and pretty well reset the fight.

I use bear form as a last ditch effort to curb some incoming damage. Cat form and Dash is also handy if you have them rooted or cycloned.

As always you can cheetah for and scamper away during roots/cyclone as well which should buy you enough time and separation to either heal to full and give your CD's a chance to reset, or find help.

Of course PVP gear helps a ton too, I don't know how you sit right now in that regard but personally I have only 200 resil and can take on 1 good player or 2 mediocre players. Then Again I also played Arenas a sh*t ton on Druid in Wrath, so I am very comfortable with the various form changes, and escape/seperation abilities available.

If you have ToL form in your PVP spec and have a guy on the ropes, use it, and spam the sh*t out of Wrath, you will be very very surprised at how fast it casts, and how quick the damage piles up. Just keep at it, you will get more comfortable with it, Druid unlike other healers, needs to be mobile and have separation. Once you can master the art of escape, mobility and separation you will have a much easier time surviving surprise attacks.

Just to clarify that is written with a melee attacker in mind, if its against a caster class I either stand there and just out heal the damage incoming, or I will cheetah form and run away.

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#4 Apr 10 2011 at 3:34 AM Rating: Good
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You first action on seeing an enemy approach should be roots or cyclone yeah, but that isn't always possible. Staying in kitty form stealthed is a good way to get these off on someone before a fight begins however.

Get some points in furor (one is really all you need). Now you can drop into cat to skull bash, and when you drop into bear melee to get a little rage and bash for a nice stun on your attacker.

Another nice trick, glyph of frenzied regen. Fully hot yourself, drop into bear and use frenzied regen. You hp jumps up, your armor jumps up and your hots are healing for 30% more to boot. Doing this before you eat a 5pt kidney shot or throwdown is amazing for surviving the stun. (shifting out again cancels regen unfortunately). Combine this with glyphed barkskin for massive damage mitigation.

I spec and glyph like this: (although my resto druid is still just 83).
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