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#1 Mar 29 2011 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
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I had read somewhere that Rockslicer (heroic) was considered best in slot for a hunter, but after plugging it into Zeherah's spreadsheet, it comes out 116 points lower than my currently equipped, but horrendously fugly, Darkling staff (heroic).
So aside from plugging in various weapons, is there a good compilation somewhere for best in slot?
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#2 Mar 29 2011 at 8:20 PM Rating: Good
Well bis raid for stat stick is going to be heroic malevolence. As for raiding, just get what you can through rep, quested, boe's. Usually I think around 346 ilvl is a good place to try and get into raids but with everything I mentioned you should be at or above 350.
#3 Mar 30 2011 at 7:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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It's probably BiS if you gather all the BiS pre-raid pieces. Since you have different amounts of hit/crit/haste etc, values are different and it could very well be not the best option anymore.
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#4 Mar 30 2011 at 11:38 AM Rating: Decent
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If you aren't capped and thus can use all the hit, that pushes the Darkling Staff up - hit is the secondary stat (at least when I run FD for my SV spec) that stands out furthest above the others, so all the 346 twohanders are in a blob except for your staff.

For a BiS list, you can plug your FD stat weights into Mr. Robot, or a filtered wowhead search. A lot depends on your professions, willingness to buy BoEs, access to Baradin Hold, etc...

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#5 Apr 19 2011 at 11:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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One general guide that I use is....

The thing about BiS is, like others have mentioned, it depends on your current setup. When you swap things on FD- are you compensating for lost stats? The staff is hit heavy, and that is our #1 stat to max until capped. Rockslicer has no hit, so if you straight swapped you are going to lose DPS. The other thing FD and BiS sites don't tell you is your playstyle. They are min/max machines doing everything flawlessly with no movement. You need to use them as a guide and the hit the target dummy and simulate what you will be expected to do for fights. A run of pew pew pew with no movement is good to gauge how close you are to FD. Then acually do some tests where you simulate movement- this is something I do not see anyone on the dummies doing. That will give you a closer insight to what your boss DPS will be.
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