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#1 Mar 27 2011 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok so I noticed a distinct lack of guides on here and have decided to try and write on myself. It may not be the best and is based on personal experience over theory crafting. I have read a lot of the guides and have found what works best for me. This may not work for for everyone.

Builds: So far there are a few builds floating around. The first one does not contain TC. Personally I don't use TC. I rarely find myself having time to cast LB during raids, and so for me it would be a wasted talent.

The next is a TC build. This is a basic spec with TC in it.

Now before people flame me for putting points into GW I will explain that on raids I use GW A LOT. It is a very useful talent for all three specs of shamans to get us out of the way of the fire and back to doing what we do faster.

Stats: Here comes the most controversial part of my guide. Stat priority. If you go to the Official WoW boards or EJ they will tell you haste to 916 then mastery. Personally at lower gear lvls I found crit to be more beneficial to me than mastery. Reason being that I was low on mana during most fights, and needed the crit to help with my longevity. So with that in mind here are my recommended stat priorities.

Lower gear lvls: INT<haste(to 916ish, 780 for goblins)>spirit till around 2k>crit>mastery

Once you find yourself in a few more epics and more comfortable healing slowly start moving to mastery. This is tricky because it's hard to test when reforging when you've done to much.

Higher gear lvls: int>haste to break points>spirit to about 2k>mastery>crit

Mastery is good for us right now and is only getting better. So when longevity is no longer and issue move to mastery for throughput.

Gems: I try and usually get my socket bonuses since they aren't bad. For red go with the pure int gem, brilliant inferno ruby. Blue I usually do int spirit, purified demon's eye. Yellow I would go with int mastery, artful ember topaz. For your meta use Ember Shadow spirit diamond.

Head: Arcanum of hyjal
Shoulders: Greater inscription of the charged loadstone
Back: Greater intellect
Chest: Mighty Stats
Bracer: Mighty intellect
Gloves: Greater mastery
Belt: Ebonsteel belt buckle
Pants: Powerfull ghostly spell thread
Boots: Mastery
Shield: Greater intellect
Main hand: Heartsong for starters, power if you can afford it

Spell priority: This section is difficult. A lot of people cast different things that work for them. This is what works for me.

Riptide: Should always be up. The hot ticks proc trinkets a lot.
Chain heal: Useful if you have enough people in range. Try and have riptide going on the primary target to buff it.
Healing wave: Personally I use this a lot to keep people topped off. Plus it heals you.
Healing surge: I use this for high damage periods when my tanks need a lot of health coming in fast.
Greater healing wave: I generally only use this with nature's swiftness. I find it drains my mana very quickly so I tend not to use it.
Mana tide: I put this on here for some advice on using it. If you were like me you tried to save it for emergencies. With the length of boss fights I have found that its better to use it towards the begining of the encounter to have it available towards the end of the encounter.

Well that's it. Please just remember that this guide is based on personal experience and may not work for everyone. And no worries, I will accept all criticism and hope that those of you with more knowledge than me will post their knowledge on here as well.
#2 Apr 03 2011 at 2:37 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks for the guide. I don't raid much myself, not a lot of play time and the guild I'm in seems stuck in BC for some reason.

The haste breakpoint of 916 is there so you get the extra ticks from RT, HR and EL. Most guides/sites I've seen recommend keeping it around 1000, but again it's personal preferance and how you heal. The next breakpoint is somewhere aound 3k I believe and it's not feasible to get there and still be effective.

The Crit vs mastery debate is still going strong but I tend to lean in the direction of what it is you're running. 10 mans, 25 mans.

10 man regs a Crit or haste build is what seems to be the norm from everything I have seen and the shaman armourys I've had a look at.

25 man regs a mastery / Crit build seems to be the preferred choice, due to the amount of people and opportunities for player stacking to get the most out of HR and CH

These are subjective being if you're tank healing or raid healing though.
Tank healing should be a Crit / mastery / haste trying to keep mastery at a decent level and haste around 1000 + while getting Crit up
Raid healing is more haste / mastery

Heroics on both accounts it's mastery pulling ahead in the later encounters due to heavy raid damage and the full effect of our mastery being able to clock in.

Of course there are top shaman running haste builds, Crit builds, and mastery builds. Each one is doing great with them.

A good site I've found is.

Anyway just my two cents, and maybe we can get some traffic in here

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#3 May 03 2011 at 8:53 AM Rating: Good
You forgot Healing Rain which is really good in group clumps. Hit that along with CH and you're golden. The downside is the 10k mana cost, but even with my low mana regen, I have no issues with mana casting it.
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