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I am not at all embarassed to tell you that I am a true n00b when it comes to playing this game.
My boyfriend used to play a long time ago, and started playing again recently.. I was intrueged watching him play so I decided to make an Undead Destruction Warlock. Me being new to the game and not wanting to ask him for help kinda really messed it up. I leveled way too fast.. hardly did any dungeons on PvP (they scared me) and once I got to lvl 80 I realized I messed up.
Anyway, with all that being said.. I decided I wanted to try and make a new character.. so I went with a Tauren Feral Druid. I have been paying more attention to what I am doing, but still have a hard time undertsanding exactly how to play it the best.
I have tried to look up tips on other website and stuff, but every website I visit it seems like they assume you've been playing since it first launched and you should know every acronym and whatever else there is. That is not that case for me. I find myself googling all the time what does "YMMV" mean or "PuG" or anything else..
Anyway, I really enjoy playing WoW and would like to make this Druid a half way decent character that isn't a joke once I get into dungeons or PvP.

I am here to ask for advice.. Right now my Druid is at level 21.. I have a hard time trying to figure out how to make it work just right in PvP and in Dungeons, what spells are best to use and just exactly I should have them layed out..

Feel free to make fun of me. Or feel free to help. I am sure many of you will reply with "why dont you get your boyfriend to help you" his way of helping is just by playing my character. I don't want him to do it for me.. I want to learn and try and figure stuff out.

On that note, some advice would be great, or just LOL at me.. it's all good
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If you haven't read it yet, the sticky should have just about all the info you need.
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I could help you in a way your boyfriend has never helped you...

Just saying. Smiley: sly

On a serious note, though, Aeth is right. Sticky contains a lot of information about the basics of the game.

Feral DPS in dungeons has been made easier than it used to be, but it's still one of the more difficult ways to DPS. Basically keep Rip, Rake and Savage Roar up (don't know when you get those abilities - might not have them at level 21) while using Mangle to keep the debuff on and Shred for your main combo point generation.

Feral tanking is pretty much **** until level 81 (and even then it's still painful), so I'd advise not going that route until Blizzard pulls their heads out of their asses.
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YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary. If English isn't your native language and you don't understand our odd phrases, it basically means "this may or may not work for you, and if it does it might be better or worse than how it worked for me."

PuG - Pick-up Group. Group put together using the random dungeon finder or using a global chat channel (like /2). Can also refer to individual people added to an existing group.

Our Cataclysm Druid guide is still a work-in-progress and hasn't been made a "sticky" yet, but it can be found here. At level 21, you don't have a lot of the staple abilities that we talk about for maxing your DPS at 85. You should have Mangle, Rake, and Ferocious Bite, Claw (which you should never use as Mangle is 100% better in every way), and a few other healing and damaging spells you can't use while you're in Bear or Cat form.

For killing monsters (also called "mobs"), you should start with Mangle, make sure that hits, use Rake, and then go back to Mangle. When you have 5 combo points (CP) or if the mob has really low health, use Ferocious Bite. At 22, you get Ravage, which is an ability you have to use while standing behind a mob and in Stealth (this changes when/if you get the talent Stampede). Because Ravage can critically hit for a lot of damage, I found it useful to try to use it as my opening attack whenever possible.

Between fights you can use Healing Touch (this will be replaced with Nourish in the next content patch) and Rejuvination to heal yourself. It's okay if you use most of your mana, since you only need enough to shift back into Cat form to kill your next target.

If a fight is going badly for you, you can try shapeshifting into Bear form where you will have more armor and health or, at level 26, using Dash to try and run away. The higher level you get, the more options you have. If you put talent points in Predatory Strikes, you can also try using Ferocious Bite to get an instant-cast Healing Touch.
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