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#1 Dec 07 2010 at 9:24 AM Rating: Default
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This is a quote from Allise on Kil'jaeden


This the eve of Cataclysm, in a few hours us warriors will lead the march from Northrend and set an offensive against Deathwing, SO GATHER WITH ME BROTHERS, LET US STROKE OUR BEARDS AS YOU LISTEN.

WE ARE NO MAGES, We don't wear skirts, we wear plate, we don't make biscuits, we eat them, we don't cast balls of ice, we have balls of ice.

WE ARE NO WARLOCKS, Pets? We don't need pet's to fight for us. ALL WE NEED IS OUR MUSCLES. We don't need witchcraft and curses, we have our fists.

WE ARE NO ROGUES, We do not need to hide in the shadows and vanish from site when things don't go our way, We shield wall and we continue to push until that dragon/giant/king/god is dead! Poisons on our blade? No thanks, I rather cover mine in blood of anything that gets in my way.

WE ARE NO DRUIDS, we do not need to turn into a bear, a cat, a bird, and or a seal to fight our battles, we were born with it, we don't have to change our whole specie just to get an advantage on the situations, I kill bears cats birds (Not seals though), why would anyone want to transform into something that I KILL?

WE ARE NO PALADINS, Paladins have morals, we don't have remorse, we don't have regret, we are warriors, not chimps. We don't need god's power to even compete against things; we just need our Axe/shield/sword/mace. Bubble hearth? We just hearth, because your body isn't alive to hit me in order interrupt its cast.

WE ARE NO HUNTER, Bows? Pets? More like Cowardly sticks with strings. Who befriends and animal then sends it to there death? Only animal abusive punks. Traps? We don't need traps, we are the trap.

WE ARE NO PRIEST, we don't heal and wear dresses and I feel like I already talked about this, god no we are far away from a priest.

WE ARE NO SHAMAN, we do not need to ask for the earth for our power, we get our power from our beards. We don't need to thunderstorm people off cliffs to win our fight, that’s a coward’s victory; we just kill everything and let our names be known.

WE ARE NO DEATH KNIGHT, do you know what a death knight is? It is someone who died, and got a second chance at life, we don't need a second chance, we don't die. We don't need armies of zombies to fight for us, we need our brostorms and our strikes that are intended for mortals.


"anything added to the game is technically content, even if it was only a giant, steaming pile of turds for us to climb for a paltry achievement." - Drusas

#2 Apr 26 2011 at 7:43 AM Rating: Good
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Yes and 100% yes again.

When I get onto my Warrior this is how i roll. If you let me charge in and get it goin it's all gravy.

If some silly DPS gets a pull before me it's his game. Warriors are meant to be first in and taking all the hits, that's where they excel.
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