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#1 Nov 16 2010 at 8:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok WoW servers are down so i thought i would ask.

I've been out of the WoW scene a while and i am wondering what i should do to get back in it.

My guild has disbanded half the people i played with stopped, i have level 25 Leatherworking,225 Tailoring, and im a feral druid(I used to have many chars but i deleted them, i had one of every prof)

So i am using my 7 days free trial and trying to play again and kinda am confused.

A)Why do i have the 2nd highest dps pretty consistently? ~120 according to recount (Level 32 Feral Druid)
I havent played in forever and dont even have my rotation right or addons. I just do
Rake->Mangle->Ferocious bite and win.

B)Are there any addons that can show me when i have enough energy for something? I'm always looking down on my action bar waiting for stuff to be availble.

C)Also im dropping LW and picking up Enchanting, good idea?

Basically What should i be doing for dps,and are there any helpful addons(Like to see if rake and mangle are still up or when i have enough energy for Bite?)
#2 Nov 16 2010 at 11:33 AM Rating: Good
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HearKitty and BadKitty are two excellent addons for Cat Druids.

First one plays a sound whenever you get a combo point. This makes it easier since it becomes a sort of reflex to listen for the "combo points full" tone when you play. Means you don't have to look at the combo point counter constantly.

Second addon displays a number of icons. Each icon represents an ability, like Mangle, or Rake, and the icons appear whenever that ability should be used. For instance, if you apply Rake, the icon goes away and when Rake is about to fall off, the icon reappears. Makes it easier to keep track of what you need to hit at which times.

If you find that you move your eyes from your energy bar to your action bar constantly, I suggest getting IceHUD. It'll display a HUD (heads-up display) in the middle of your screen with your mana, health, rage and energy levels (changes depending on form). Means you don't have to move your eyes from the top left to the bottom center all the time.

A good thing to do is to spam the button you need to press. Don't wait for it to become available, just spam it until it activates. You should never be thinking 'What do I have enough to use?' You should be thinking 'What do I need to use RIGHT NOW?' and then you spam that ability until it activates.

I don't know exactly what abilities you have available at level 32, but you should only use Mangle once every minute or so.

Mangle > Rake > Shred (until 5 combo points) > Ferocious Bite

If the fight is going to drag out, use Rip instead of Ferocious Bite, but I find that most bosses while leveling up go down in no time, so just using Ferocious Bite at 5 combo points is probably better.

Edit: I checked up on it and Shred is a level 46 ability, apparently (my Druid hasn't been level 46 since 2006 or so), so I guess you can just remove the Shred part, which would make the "rotation" identical to the one you posted. Use Mangle before Rake to get the bleed bonus up. And make sure you apply Faerie Fire (x3 unless you have it talented). It's a 12% armor reduction which is beast.

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#3 Nov 16 2010 at 4:11 PM Rating: Good
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I use Badkitty for the timers.

Makes it easier to sync TF with Rake/Rip while minimizing bleed downtime.

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#4 Nov 17 2010 at 1:09 AM Rating: Good
I currently use Feralbynight to display my timers. I turn off the suggestion frame (I use Ovale for "suggestion" as it helps me on all my toons instead of just my druid). FBN has one particular movable bar which shows mangle, rake, rip and roar nicely as little icons with counters on them.

I use ForteXorcist on other toons and you could certainly set it up nicely to show timers as well, but it is certainly not very easy to get started in setting it up.

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