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Prot Paladin -- Solo/Duo Group Quest GodsFollow

#1 Nov 12 2010 at 9:19 PM Rating: Good
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My mom and I have been leveling our pair of paladins, and we just finished Dragonblight, and wow what a fun journey that was.

I took Dual-Talent Spec, and along the way I saved a Sword and a Shield from quest rewards, and when we got to those Group quests, I told her "don't you worry a bit".

Neither one of us were prepared for the facerolling that was to ensue.

Even Sarathustra, I could have *solo'd* that, and it was a 5-man quest. I'm pondering trying the Ring of Anguish in Zul'drak with the two of us.

The one thing that Prot Paladins never had in the past, was Insta-heals. A heal with a cast time didn't work for us because of the fact you had to drop your defenses while casting, and push-back was an issue. But with all of those talents that increase how much WoG heals you for, and those talents in the Holy tree that makes you heal yourself *again* after using WoG, and you have a quite overpowered combination.

Seriously, I don't forsee us having a problem whatsoever with any of those group quests scattered about. Maybe in Cataclysm when mobs become harder, yes... but in Northrend? I doubt there's much of anything that could actually kill me. If I can get through the Ring of Anguish, I bet I could handle any of those group quests in Icecrown, 'cept for maybe that cauldron quest or the quests involving those mana-draining mobs, and that's only because of the weird mechanics those fights use.
#2 Nov 13 2010 at 12:25 AM Rating: Excellent
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Another very good change that relates to this: Prot mana return used to come from being healed, or having divine plea up constantly (with the talent that refreshed it on a melee swing) which of course would cut all healing in half. This was terrible and blizz rightly changed it to the ret system of judgement returning a lot of your total mana.

Ret does well for simple soloing, ZG etc. But for really tough stuff prot is where it's at. There's a specific spec i use to solo very tough mobs (talking sartharion etc) as prot:

Seal of Insight and reckoning interact well to provide a lot of healing and endless mana for the rare occasions you need to flash of light. The key talent is protector of the innocent. 1 HP word of glory's provide at least 8k healing plus a bubble from the overhealing. You can literally use a crusader strike/HotR > word of glory rotation to healing 8k every other global cooldown. You can also experiment with 3 HP words hoping to get an eternal glory proc to use the power on a massive shield hit right after. It's by far the best soloing spec in the game right now. It's also a bit silly in battlegrounds if you stack resilience.

I like how vengeance works too, allowing you to see enormous shield and avenger's sheld crits.

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#3 Nov 13 2010 at 9:07 AM Rating: Good
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I know, Avenger's Shield hits _hard_ nowadays, and then when you finally get that tough Elite down to 20%, you can start spamming Hammers of Wrath, which also hit ludicrously hard. The last 20% is oftentimes faster than the first 80% of the mob for this reason.
#4 Nov 19 2010 at 2:13 PM Rating: Good
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Another update:

Mom and I duo'd the Valhalas fights at 79, with mostly Savage Saronite gear(Ret Paladin + Prot Paladin).

Those are 5-player group quests, and the only two that gave us any trouble whatsoever, was the first one (she almost got killed because it was difficult for me to pick up all of those mobs at once), and the one with the nerubian, because of all of the fears landing right before I needed a heal. I died at the very end, but she finished it off.

The rest of them (including the last) were laughably easy.

We also duo'd the end of Lady Nightswood's chain, involving that guy ontop of Balagarde tower with very little effort.

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