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Reforging and Mastery on Gear?Follow

#1 Oct 09 2010 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Does anyone know of a good site or link about mages and reforging? On the PTR, I put on my BiS hit gear that's been waiting for a heroic haste trinket on life, then threw just about all the hit I could into mastery, until I got almost right at the hit cap. After that, I had choices to change haste or crit to hit or mastery. I gave some of the crit and haste to mastery, but I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do. My haste is way low (which I expected because of the robes and legs), 603. When I look at my crit it says 45.19%, but when I hover over it, it says that my rating is 1106 (24.09%), which I guess is backwards from the way it used to be? My mastery rating is 426 (+9.28 mastery).

Sooo, is that good/bad/about right? I have a couple of pieces I haven't reforged yet that I could get more mastery from, but reduce my crit, so I'm not sure if I should do that or not. Anyone have any advice or insight? I'm clueless. :)

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#2 Oct 09 2010 at 9:25 PM Rating: Good
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haste and crit are still better stats than mastery from what I've read/understand. You shouldn't be reforging those stats, the only stat(s) that you will want to reforge are spirit and hit if you are over hit cap. 603 is way too low for haste, at fire you want at least 700 (more the better) and for arcane those numbers are super low.
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#3 Oct 10 2010 at 12:14 AM Rating: Good
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Anobix wrote:
the only stat(s) that you will want to reforge are spirit and hit if you are over hit cap.
To add to this, I want to say that I remember reading that they don't want to even really let us hit the hit cap at 85 anyway(though since I can't find anything on that so I may be remembering incorrectly), so it really will probably only be spirit as a guaranteed reforge. That said, I could see reforging haste to crit or vice versa in order to shore up holes in your gear, especially since you only reforge 40% of a particular stat anyway(leaving the other 60% as the original).

In case anyone who pops into this thread has no idea what's being talked about and needs more basic info on reforging:
#4 Oct 10 2010 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
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Okay thanks, Anobix, I'll reset those ones. One of the reasons I put on my hit gear (sanc legs and heroic robe from dreamwalker) was to switch all that hit to mastery. Or maybe I'll put on my regular gear (cuz that hit stuff is not bis until I get a H haste trinket, i think) and see what my hit is and go from there.

I'm just on the PTR right now, Pold, so I'm just needing hit cap for that (80) right now.

I guess I'm more concerned about a priority involving mastery, because I haven't seen numbers for that anywhere yet. I'm fire, so I know I want crit, and yeah, 600 is low for any mage, but I've seen some 600-650 haste mages do some srs damage (of course this is in live) if they have a **** ton of crit.

I guess I should rename the thread to say something about mastery :)

Thanks, y'all.
"could u guys pls tell me how to do herbalism on dead monster?"
#5 Oct 10 2010 at 7:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I put on my regular raiding gear and was like at least %5 chance to miss. Can't be having that. :)

I did not keep track of what I did but I ended up with over 700 haste, 42.3% crit, hit capped (well, almost, .04 chance to miss).

In any case, it'll be nice when there is a priority type situation. Till then, I guess whoever's at top wins. I've been winning most times, and I'm just winging it. I guess we all are! :) (I even won on my shaman dps, and that's my os, yay voa!)

It's very flexible, what you can do. :)

"could u guys pls tell me how to do herbalism on dead monster?"
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