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#1 Oct 08 2010 at 5:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys,

I just had a look at a few Mage armory's including Anobix's and have a few questions as I havent played my Mage for awhile.

Generally gemming seems to be spellpower and crit, we dont gem for haste or spirit anymore?
Also on spirit it doesnt seem to be a stat with the impact it once had, we dont look at that anymore as a critical stat to stack up on?

And lastly hit, sorry I dont understand the percentages just the whole numbers, I read that 289 was the hit cap for a Arcane Mage but I've seen a lot vary up to 369 so whether thats just overkill or how that persons gear worked out I dont know but I'am still not clear on the number I need to have to be hit capped.

Hit-spellpower-crit seem to be the main 3 stats to bulk up on, at what point is Int. not looked at anymore?
I know on my Priest he has around 30k mana in Disc spec and I never run out, is this the same for a Mage?

Thanks for any help.
#2 Oct 08 2010 at 5:57 AM Rating: Good
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It depends on a lot of factors, really. I can't remember the number you need to get there, but perhaps Anobix is soft-capped for haste at the moment when raid buffed or under a Bloodlust? That would make the relative value of crit go vs. haste. Additionally, are you running the same build as he is? I know that under certain circumstances(gear above a certain threshold), it's worth it to switch from arcane to fire, though I don't honestly know said threshold or even if the fire build would favor crit over haste anyway(it didn't when I was last running a fire build, but that was a while back).

In truth, if you want to know the best gem for you in your particular situation with your particular build, you really ought to download Rawr and plug your character into it. Takes a lot of the guess work out of how to gear/gem for optimal effect.
#3 Oct 08 2010 at 8:52 AM Rating: Good
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There are general 'benchmarks/threshholds' that allow you to lean into a new spec. Right now for people that are not in a decent amount of ICC gear Arcane (57/3/11,ish builds) is the way to go for how it scales. For arcane the general idea is red: spellpower, yellow: reckless (haste/spellpower), blue: purified (+7 spellpower or better socket bonus).

For the switch to fire the levels are around 1000crit (fire LOVES crit, especially with the 2PCxT10 bonus), >700-800 haste, and I'm guessing over 2800-2900 spellpower.

As for spirit, arcane doesn't really need to gem for it unless you are a) still wearing 2PC T9 (to get the benefit for more spirit conversion to crit in molten armor) or if the socket bonus for the blue gem is +7 spellpower or better. Since crit benefits fire more, Fire mages tend to just match all of the socket bonuses (the lowest is generally +5spellpower anyway).

And for hit, it depends on your faction (although this will all be changing come 4.0.1 next week [most likely]) you will want/need 17% hit (no more hit talents, or spriest/boomkin hit spells), which I believe comes out to be about 446, leaving you room to reforge your items that have spirit on them to hit. Another thing to note is that our blue gems come 4.0.1 will now be intellect+hit (veiled dreadstone) which is why I haven't gemmed my new helm yet (waiting til tuesday).

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How to Use Rawr
#4 Oct 08 2010 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the reply mate, I ran some stuff through Rawr and came out with what is best for me at this point with the stats I have.
Mine are different to Anobix as I'am a lot lower down the food chain than him number and gear wise so I appreciate that there is a notable difference in stats overall.
I went with haste over crit and kept my spellpower up, I have hit at around 330 so I'am confident if 289 is the magic number I'am safe.
Now just to get rid of some of the pre Naxx gear sigh....but I have been shopping :)

We crossed threads then so when I get some of the newer badged gear I'll up on hit then to get around the new mark.

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