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#1 Jan 20 2009 at 12:19 AM Rating: Decent
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hi all,

i am just about to start a priest with end game healing as my goal. I am one to level professions organically as i level. I was wondering what professions are useful to a holy priest for late game heroics and raid healing and why?

I know with dual spec coming in this could perhaps open other avenues of thought. But i am more interested in professions and benefit to healing.

thanks so much for your help
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#2 Jan 20 2009 at 4:19 AM Rating: Excellent
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I've been happy with tailoring/enchanting. If you're leveling both as you go (I'm assuming you'll be at least somewhat funded by other characters) you can DE all the greens you make for tailoring skillups and get enchanting mats from those, which helps boost it a bit. I've done fine at making money from both professions as well, which helps fund leveling them up.

But tailoring isn't as big as it used to be. The only tailor-only thing at this point is cloak embroidery, which is meh fine. The epic tailored items aren't anything all that exciting, and they're BOE anyway, but they still make good starter gear. Plus the ease of making big bags can be nice.

The enchanter-only bonus is ring enchants; +19 spellpower to each ring can be a nice boost when you're starting out getting geared and it's a super cheap enchant. I find being able to do my own enchants convenient in any case.

That said, almost every profession has something useful for priests (Titansteel Guardian: pretty!), but overall I'm finding the crafted epics currently in the game to be pretty mediocre. None of them make any profession a must-have for anyone. I'm hoping some more interesting tailoring recipes are in the works for future patches, since at the moment tailoring pretty much tops out at 445 and there's no real reason to push to 450.
#3 Jan 20 2009 at 6:29 AM Rating: Decent
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I have to agree with Teacake. There are no must have professions with most crafted epics BoE. I went with Jewelcrafting/Tailoring myself. This gives you some nice starter rings, necklace, and trinkets to work with and 3 JC only Dragon’s Eye gems. These gems not only give you bonus stats but also are multicolored so easily allow you to activate socket bonuses for a little extra boost.

Despite that if I were leveling a new toon up I would probably go for mining/whatever. So much money to be made mining and again most crafted epics are now BoE so no need for the other professions to start with. Then after you’ve been to the end game for a while and have built up your $$ reserves power level whatever profession you think you’ll get the most benefit from.
#4 Jan 20 2009 at 8:19 AM Rating: Good
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Strictly speaking if you want the best endgame professions you can't take the mat gathering profession that goes with it. I recently rerolled JC and Inscription on my main with mining and herbalism on an alt. The crafting professions now give the better personal stat buffs since the herbalism "trinket" herbs will no longer be working after the patch. The possible exception to this view is enchanting, where you'll get the mats for levelling it as you level up.

In terms of healing priests the professions give you the following advantages

Skinning: 25 crit rating - minimal
Mining: health - minimal
Herbalism: lifeblood - minor self heal - meh
Enchanting: 38 spellpower from ring enchants - nice
Inscription: +37(I think) spellpower on shoulder enchant - nice
Alchemy: +37 Spellpower from flask (and double flask duration) - nice
Jewelcrafting: +3 High power prismatic gems (increased stat of your choice and activating meta gems much easier) - nice
Tailoring: cheap leg enchants, darkglow embroidery cloak enchant - nice
Engineering: Haste on glove enchant - I'd find it hard to justify for healing purposes, might have its uses.
Leatherworking: 37 spellpower on bracer enchant - nice, but you sure won't be wearing what you make
Blacksmithing: 2 colorless sockets that stack with other enchants - nice, but you sure won't be wearing what you make

At the end of the day you can take what you like, the crafting professions give similar buffs and the collecting ones give relatively minor buffs (but will likely make you more money)
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#5 Jan 20 2009 at 11:16 AM Rating: Excellent
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I would say if you want to level a profession organically you should pick a profession you like and it's partner. For me as a priest it was tailoring/enchanting but I also consider alchemy/herbalism fab for any healer as well due to the pot bonuses and the nice stats from the alchemists stones.

The pairing of professions to enable you to gather most of your mats for your crafting yourself are:

Mining with Jewelcrafting (gems are taken from ore), Engineering (although engineering uses mats from many professions mining will give you the most expensive mats and you can see extra ore to fund the rest) or Blacksmithing
Herbalism with Inscription (herbs are ground to make ink)or Alchemy
Skinning with Leatherworking
Tailoring with Enchanting (tailoring items are made from gatherable cloth but they disenchant to create mats for enchanting which in turn are used in later tailoring patterns)
#6 Jan 20 2009 at 1:33 PM Rating: Good
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I went tailoring/enchanting and think it is definitely the way to go for a priest. I do have a lot of other alts for gathering with mining or herbalism to make money but if you want to spend the time on the AH with Auctioneer you may do ok with DEing stuff. Though IMHO since others do it as well it is a pretty rare market on busy servers.
#7 Jan 20 2009 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent
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thanks all for the great info, helped heaps.

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#8 Jan 20 2009 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent
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I've gone Tailoring/Inscrition personally and am very happy with the benefits I get out of these, the shoulder inscriptions are awesome and the cheap spellthread and cloak embroidery are quite a nice little buff too. Obviously I was able to fund the inscription from mains though or it would not have been so viable.
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