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My Protection Talent BuildFollow

#1 Dec 27 2004 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
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Level 35 Warrior on Lightning's Blade (PvP) here. Thought I'd post my path:

Arms - Total 11
Deflection - 5
Tactical Mastery - 5
Anger Management - 1

Fury - Total 5
Cruelty - 5

Protection - Total 33
Shield Specialization - 5
Improved Bloodrage - 2
Toughness - 5
Iron Will - 5
Last Stand - 1
Improved Shield Block - 1
Improved Revenge - 3
Improved Shield Wall - 2
Improved Shield Bash - 2
Concussion Blow - 1
One-Handed Weapon Specialization - 5
Shield Discipline - 1

This puts me at 48 Points Used so there is a few points left, I don't know for those 3 points, Possibly Defiance or maybe improved charge.


I had initially been working fairly similiar to this talent path but just respecialized at 35 to "hopefully" fair a little better in pvp at my current level. (I had anticipation, I dumped it for toughness, and I also got Tactical Mastery and Anger Management and took away Defiance)

This is my current talent list at level 35, with what I listed above as my end goal -

Arms - 11 Total
Deflection - 5
Tactical Mastery - 5
Anger Management - 1

Fury - 2 Total
Cruelity - 2

Protection - 12 Total
Shield Specilization - 5
Toughness - 5
Improved Shield Block - 1
Improved Revenge - 2

Vrs. Mobs -
This build does well vrs. mobs, very easily solo and can easily be a main damage sponge in instances.

PvP -
It does decently well, I just added Tactical Mastery to my list when I respecilized at 35 which I am hoping adds alot to my ability in PvP - Being able to switch stances for some of those crucial skills and instantly being able to use them instead of working rage back up will add so much depth to my options.

A few crucial skills I wasn't really able to take advantage of in pvp pre respecilizing were: Hamstring, Charge (I could charge but would switch over to defense right after which made it no advantage other than closing distance at the start of the fight), Execute, and Intercept.

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas for improvement.
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