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#1 Dec 23 2004 at 9:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Ive been looking at the talents, and im not too impressed with the last abilities in the feral combat area... im not high enough to do any good pvping, but when i do i already know im gonna be switching forms constantly ( to heal, run away, swim away, or better melee, or cast). i know i need to be a cat to kill casters, and i need to be a druid or bear to kill anything else, with this given,is it worth gettin hurricane? i think hurricane does about 500 dmg at the first lvl to everyone around me and slows attack and/ or movement speed by 20%. this given i plan on surpised attacking, moonfire, rejuv, hurricane and then most prolly cat form again for the kill. would this work, or should i stick to feral form talents?

Please give me as much actualy fact rather then it depends on your gear/level/oppinion as you can on replies, thanks.
#2 Dec 24 2004 at 9:12 AM Rating: Good
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well, hurricane used to be kinda overpowered. it was a fire-and-forget spell instead of a cast-and-channel spell. you used to be able to pop hurricane, then run around and heal and attack like normal. this, according to blizzard, was a bug. now, to use hurricane, you need to stay in one place and channel it, leaving you open to plenty of attacks and damage (and interruption as well).

what ive heard most people say is that hurricane is definetely not worth it now, since all it takes is a rogue, hunter or warrior pegging you once with a ranged weapon, or a mage, warlock, druid, shaman, or priest hitting you with some kind of DD spell.

i still intend to get it but....i believe its use in all big extremely large scale pvp is limited, and by extremely large i mean 20+ people on both sides. you would still get interrupted very quickly, but 2 seconds of 53 damage a second on 20 people still amounts to over a thousand damage between a number of targets.

yes, im a hopeless optimistic >.<
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