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#1 Dec 22 2004 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Taking into account the new additions for druid from the last patch, what can we say are the pros to druid and where should a druid end up by his 30's? Ok so far i have a lvl 14 druid, i use either a medi staf that gives me some stami and int, or a dagger that add 4 attack power (Since its a bonus doesnt it count in animal forms?) and the medi bag u get from poison quest (250 mana in 15 seconds). All i have done for talents so far is 5/5 for improved mark of the wild, at lvl 14 with some fairly good armor in most regions and crappy stuf in wrists and gloves, i can get 1018 armor in bear form (remember, 180% increase on armor now thanks to bear form), so with this into account, we should be tanking quite a bit correct? Right now i feel uneasy though, i only have 300 hp while i have 550 mp, my regen rates are quite good though since i have a +13 bonus in spirit. With all this being taken into account, where should i move now, ive been wondering wheter or not to get the instant root when hit spell, and where to start out with feral, any info would be helpful, thanks! In a battle, I would like to start in panther form, hit with sneaks and get down to around 50% health, then have them rooted, create soem space, reroot, then either nuke, heal, or dot them and go bak into panther or bear form, if its a caster or long range wielder, a stun spell or attack (do panthers have one? or just bear) and get ready for a second assault on them, so basically get into 2 fights, the 1st to do initial dmg and work off any buffs or sorts they may have, then a second run at them to finish them off. With all that in mind, any help bout talent routes would be awsome, thanks.

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#2 Dec 22 2004 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, to answer one of your questions, there's an instant cast buff talentthat casts Entangling Roots on whoever attacks you regardless of what you're currently doing. It only lasts 45 seconds so if you time it right you can cast it before melee. (Its also great to use as you're running away from something). I'm level 32 and I've always had more MP than HP. Also my armor rating isn't good because I mainly go for bonuses (Strength, Intellect and Spirit), but with a good Call Of The Wild (Which you have) and the bear form, especially now, makes up for it. I'm usually able to take the hits as well as dish them out and cast instant DOTS and HOTS. If you pay attention, your druid should be able to fight vs. 2 at your level. Faerie Fire should be cast every time you plan on melee. I primarily put talent points into Balance and Feral Combat. Swiftshifting is great for me, as well as percentage bonuses like the one that adds a combo point for critical hits as a Cat.

The druid is very versatile. When in parties I've done nothing but heal and DOT enemies, I've acted as a bear/warrior when I was with a mage and priest, and I've stealthed through dungeons etc. as a Cat to figure out where the bosses/items were.

Also, druids are especially good at dealing with hostile beasts... Hibernate and Soothe Animal have made many things easier for me and my guildmates.
#3 Dec 23 2004 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
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I noticed quite a big difference in the dire bear form from the new patch. Before I was able to kill mobs 3 lvls higher than myself with quite a bit of switching between bear and back to heal. (I am lvl 40) After the patch I was able to take down mobs 4 lvls higher than myself without switching back to heal, granted I am usually low on hps. This patch went a long way to help make druids better tanks at higher lvls.

I chose to go all the way down the restoration tree because of the druids role in the higher lvl game. I picked up some pretty good abilities, such as an instant cast heal, mana reduction on most heals, less aggro from heals, and a 400 percent mana regen which can basically fill my mana up in the middle of battle. Not to mention improved mark stats. Not sure where my next points will go, but probably toward the balanced tree.

I find that I carry two types of gear on me most of the time, although I'm getting to the lvl where most of my stuff is blue and has lots of the stats I need combined. I try to load up on high stamina gear when I am soloing and spirit and intelligence when I am group. I also have items that improve my healing spells.

In large groups I am strictly a healer and debuffer. This is where my talents are most needed. Having one rez every 30 minutes sucks, but with a pally or a warlock we can usually get around this disability. I use bear when soloing, my dps isn't great but my ac is. I also use it in smaller groups with casters or in a large group when there are too many mobs to handle. Having a taunt is great. I find I use my cat ability the least. I use my cat whenever I am not the primary healer in the group. And although the cat can do some damage I find it the least useful.

Hope all of this can help you with your druid.
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