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#1 Aug 05 2012 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
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can i make any $ or just save it in the long run? best to sell to vendors or auction? how does a lvl 30 blm 20 whm make some **** gil besides crystals? I tried mining for a bit. meh.

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#2 Aug 05 2012 at 7:31 AM Rating: Good
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Except fishing and very, very few recipes, npc'ing something you synth will never net a profit.

Making money with cooking requires a lot of work. Since cooking is by far the cheapest/easiest craft to level, a lot of people will have high level cooking. This means any recipe with a high quality result will most likely not be profitable for you considering most will have a higher high quality rate. You'll need to find a recipe like Yagudo Juice that is both popular and does not have a high quality result.

Of course, if you have no interest in crafting and you're really only after making gil, then it's best to just stick with crystals. Buy only the spells you need, forget about gear, and push your way towards lv80+. Basic gear at lv80 is practically free and making gil is much easier in Abyssea for any job.
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#3 Aug 07 2012 at 9:20 AM Rating: Good
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First off, to make money in cooking you will also have to farm your materials most of the time and make stuff people will want to buy off AH. Got that? Good.

There are several ways that a mage can make money; I'd suggest at your level:

1. Sell scrolls/stuff that mobs drop that you don't need. Check both AH and the NPC for this; Sell to whatever sells for more.
2. Sell things, including cells, from GoV. Again, check AH and NPC; cells would be better off AHed but some stuff is a npc dump.
3. Oh, go farm wild onions! This is something anyone can do. Silk and wild onions sell for nice amounts for newbies to the AH.
4. While you're running around Jueno, listen for tele shouts. They aren't as prevalent as they used to be but that can be some spare cash.
5. Check the NPC and the AH; you might be able to resell stuff from the npcs. Really true in windy..People are too lazy to find the npcs that sell scrolls.. XD
6. If you're not crafting or don't need that particular kinda crystal, sell the crystals.

I hope that helps. Also I recommend you don't craft until you actually have a decent income; your equip/spells SHOULD come first. That's why it took me a very long time to get 100 cooking. And of course, if you don't enjoy it, don't bother. ^^

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