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#1 Mar 08 2012 at 8:35 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm making this guide in response to the Bruce Waynes of the world who are too good to be having fun with crafting and just want to PL their craft to 100 and think "it's cheap now anyway". You can check wikis for items and materials and decide what to do when. I'm just providing the least expensive synths you should take to waste all of your money so you don't have to wander along the long list of recipes on wiki that you'll eventually do anyway because there's no trusting a mere guide on the internet thereby making reading this thread pointless.

And Yes, I'm rushing this guide. Time is money for us rich folk. And you're powerleveling. For cheap. You ain't got time reading helpful guides. The only truly pricey thing in this entire list is lamps which you probably won't do anyway because mats will slow you down. You can go searching for alternative synths if you want but I'm pretty 100% certain everything I list are the best possible, simple, PL worthy, and cheap options to take.

Skill 61 - Plat ingot

Skill 63 - Plat Ingot

Skill 64 - Plat ingot

Skill 64 - Plat sheet

Skill 65 - Gem earrings - Involves gold earrings. Gold ingots are like 5k a pop right now. Yeah that's how cheap it is atm. Alternative is **** near anything if you can't wait for gem HQ/purchases on AH.

Skill 68 - Plat earrings - 5k per ingot. + what you made earlier. Cheap.

Skill 69 - Shotel

Skill 71 - Nobles Crown

Skill 75 - Gem rings - involves goooold rings. Cheap.

Skill 76 - Gold patas

Skill 77 - Torque

Skill 78 - Fusion bolt heads, super cheap, unlikely to PL on.

Skill 81 - Phyrgian ingots

Skill 85 - HQ3 Gem earrings

Skill 85 - Plat Bangles

Skill 87 - Ele beads

Skill 89 - O ingots

Skill 91 - Cursed Crown

Skill 91 - O chains

Skill 91 - O earrings

Skill 92 - Muscle Belt

Skill 92 - Phrygian Earrings

Skill 93 - O rings

Skill 94 - Phrygian Rings

Skill 95 - HQ3 gem rings - involves plat rings.

Skill 98 Ele lamps - because you're in the show, now. Don't get cheap.

Skill 98 Alternative or in combination with lamps that will sell eventually btw - Scintillant Ingots

Skill 99 - More HQ3 gem rings - involves +1 plat rings

Skill 99 - Verdun

Skill 100 - Star Ring

Skill 100 - Imperial Egg - if you don't want to be a cheap *****.

Skill 102 - Ele bead rings

You're 100 GS now etc etc. Time is money! /endthread
#2 Mar 26 2012 at 12:44 PM Rating: Good
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I have a mule with no craft skill atm so if I fancy a challenge, I might give this a try.
Thanks for posting this.
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