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I'm not one for pain, but pursued 2 of each after having to wait for the rings to pop and skip a ferry after two rides. I thought my experience may help others.

I use to know quite a few friends on FFXI, but between FFXIV and real life they are now gone. Joined another LS after Unicorn/Fenrir merger and now that is dead. Those that do fish are jp players and from what I've seen are botters so I really have no one to help with either ring so since I can I have soloed both.

Albatross Ring - This one is guaranteed 100% drop from turning in pirate's chart once event is beat. I was able to watch a jp utube where I understood what was needed. Having a level 20 smn is the key. I have seen Ramuh and Shiva used for this. Once event is started you have 15 seconds before the 3 adds appear. You will need to have the following active yagudo drink, avatar, and 2hr. I went as a smn/whm but another class that could provide buffs like pld may be better. Having heals didnt help as once I got hit by adds I was pretty much dead as that meant I couldn't summon my avatar back from interruption.

The fight - Once the adds appeared I targeted hoou then sent Ramuh in to assault using judgement bolt and this is where the luck comes in. RUN LIKE ****... When the adds get below 50% they use there special abilities which will toast your avatar quickly. You want to distance yourself and give time for those abilities like hundred fist to wear off. There is a knoll by selbina just outside of gate. Looking out from selbina pass gate on left wall will see the small knoll where you want to stop at once you start running from beach. This is where the luck comes in. If your able to summon avatar before being hit(interrupted) then you pretty much have won the event. Once summoned, camera view rear to see incoming mobs. Target hoou and assault using judgement bolt. If you had no resist then 2 of the 3 adds are now dead and hoou very close to dying which ramuh should take care of. Make sure you do use assault on hoou as I had my avatar chasing me instead of attacking. You would think that my avatar would of protected me but nooooooo. I ended up dying while trying to target and assault. I would reccommend to run from knoll back to beach once you assault just in case and camera view rear. It took me 5 tries and would of beat it on 4th had I known the mechanics better. If you have another smn then this event is easey peasey...

Penguin Ring

This event is just dumb luck even if you have help. Using a pc, I have found I can only reel in 4 chest. Before you start event you want to make sure you are zoomed out so can target chest. I use F1 then tab for chest then press enter. You don't need to press enter again for chest. I press F1(targets yourself) as sometimes the chest can't be targeted. Since you have a few seconds before you can fish again no time loss by doing it.

Now the event is very simple. Just reel in and hope it is a chest every time. I use a shrimp lure and made sure my macro doesn't change bait. Less problems as I've done this with slice of bluetail and ran out of bait and those precious seconds cost me. Now even during pulling up chest and dont reel in a monster your not guaranteed a ring. I went through 16 brigand maps reeling in 3 4th chest before I got the ring. The second ring I got it after 6 turn ins on 4th chest so there is some luck here. Mechanics are simple

Having help: Reading the forums believe janeash mentioned that can have a friend baby sit the puffer pugil if spawns. You might still get the 4/5th chest. If not, have friend keep puffer alive and you go turn in more marlins for map. Like I said earlier, I don't know anyone well enough to ask for help. Perhaps someone that sees this from fenrir could help me and willing to pay or return help. I'll mention this on fenrir server forum as I need to find a new LS as well.

It took me a week to get the rings. Now I'm saving up 75 gugrus and hope the numbers will give me better odds on turn in. I'm over 300 gugru's and lost count. Any way to see how many you have fished up?

Hope this helps someone out there and if there are any other tips or tricks please post.

#2 Aug 09 2011 at 8:26 PM Rating: Good
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I used to do the Pirate Chart fight solo on smn too, however I used to lose as many attempts as I won, there are a number of things that can ***** you over if you are unlucky.

Recently I've started doing it on BST/BLU, and have yet to lose (Though I suspect if you take to long to charm your pet your in big trouble). I set cocoon, and then any spells that add a bonus to CHR. I used a Tav.Taco for the Def as well as the Chr Bonus, and then load up on as much chr as I can get my hands on. Basically I trade my chart, and then go and charm my self a VT pugil, obviously due to the level difference charming can be tough, hence all the CHR and Def from cocoon + Taco.

Once the Pug is under control, I 2HR it and wait for the NMs to pop. My strategy is to put the Pug on the Sahaguin asap, and then kite the other two around for short while. As soon as your Fight timer has cooled down, put your pet on the Kraken, and then proceed to kite the crab around.

With all the Def you are loaded up on, the Crab wont be causing you much damage, especially if you exploit the poor path mapping of the mobs on the beach. Whilst you keep the Crab busy, the Pugil should be holding its own against the other two mobs, however when they use Hundred Fist its HP can drop fast. I always load up on some Dawn Mulsum before the fight to stop my pet dying (I also bring hi-pots, the crab can still kill you if your not careful and your healing options on 20bst/10blu suck).

Once the first 2 NMs die, you can put your fish on the crab and finish it off. If you are not confident with the kiting you can put your fish on all 3 mobs, but be prepared to stock up on additional mulsums.
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