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Choco Diigging - "You feel there"s something nearby"Follow

#1 Apr 11 2010 at 7:44 AM Rating: Decent
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So last week im out doing my usual choco diigging run through Sauromugue Champaign and i get this strange message after a dig - "You feel there's something nearby" -I start gigging in the same spot and get the message 7 more times and then it disappears and i cant find it again. Today the same thing happens to me on the other side of the zone only i get the message 9 times, then it disappears- been choco digging for 2 years and never had this message before- ive searched forums and wiki and cant find any reference to it anywhere . My choco digging skill is A15 -my choco has capped Discernment and Receptivity as well as bore and burrow - the moon cycle at the time was waxing 74% - this has happened after the last update - kinda wondering if it has anything to do with the new vnm.
#2 Apr 11 2010 at 9:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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It means a Goblin Digger has buried something there. If you follow a digger long enough you will see him do a little digging animation where he buries an item. Sometimes you just stumble across these spots by dumb luck. Now as for pin-pointing the item, it is very hard. I've had that message a few times and never found anything. I've also followed the Digger and tried digging where he did his little animation and I couldn't find it either.

There is a quest in Mhaura called Orlando's Antiques. He asked for items buried by Goblins that you can find by choco digging.

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#3 Apr 12 2010 at 8:48 AM Rating: Excellent
I can confirm this is from the Goblin Diggers. Occasionally when I try to dig up an item buried by the goblin, I'm slightly off the spot and I'll see this message. I've also gotten it a couple of times randomly when I just happened upon a spot where the digger has been.

When you get the message, try moving slightly away from the spot and try again. This doesn't always work -- I've occasionally seen some truly evil goblins bury items in solid rock.

The nice thing about the goblin diggers is that the items don't count toward your daily quota of 100 items before digging fatigue kicks in. I think these also give digging skillups, but I can't confirm.

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The area in which you can successfully dig up the item is incredibly tiny. The only time I can successfully dig one up is if I actively /follow a goblin digger. When they do the animation, you are right on top of the goblin, and just /dig right at that spot.

If you get it just at random, it really isn't worth spending the greens trying to dig it up, best to keep moving.
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