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Evolithing Colbri specific gearFollow

#1 Dec 29 2009 at 10:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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I just recently used my Sam as a Level Sync Anchor for an East Ronfaire [S] party and have ended up at level 46 now. Which is just short of level 50 and makes me itch for the Soboro thats been in my storage for 2+ years now.

Anyways, I was looking at gear and since I already have mnk & nin at 75 I've already got most of the BIG items. O kotes, Fuma, Hauby, Dusk, B Haidaite, etc. I was looking at the Evolith stuff and wondering has anyone tried to see if its possible to etch bird specifi Evolliths onto perhaps leg, head or body armor at level ~55 or below. I'm sure that once I get over the hump and hit 54+ I've be seeing Pink Birds for a long time and Xping on almost nothing else for a long time. The problem is while the Evolith list is decent on wiki the list of what is etchible is not :/

Here are some examples of the Exoliths I'm wondering might be worth a little time to get:

Masan Sea Serpent Grotto Vs. Birds: Accuracy +2
Mouu the Waverider Sea Serpent Grotto Polearm Weaponskills: Accuracy +6~8 ( Polearm esp if this could be stuck in Head/legs/feet slot)
Blubbery Bulge Davoi Vs. Birds: Ranged Attack +7 ( sam/rng maybe? )
Ignamoth Mount Zhayolm Archery Weaponskills: TP Bonus +6%
Sengann Lufaise Meadows Great Katana Weaponskills: Accuracy +6

This may be a Fool's Errand, but I can't help but feel this kind of what SE intented. The ability to custom build gear for a specific situation, EG A sam that knows he's gonna be Xping/Meriting on bird for 20ish levels.
#2 Jan 08 2010 at 6:24 AM Rating: Excellent
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It's going to be hard to find gear for your SAM to put evoliths on. Almost no great katanas and polearms have been reported to hold evoliths.

Check .

You can wear Carapace at lvl 45, so for armor you can do the following:
Carapace Mask
DEF: 16
* Vs. Birds: Attack +6
Carapace Harness
DEF: 31
* Vs. Birds: Attack +8
Carapace Mittens
DEF: 10
* Vs. Birds: Attack +6
Carapace Subligar
DEF: 22
* Vs. Birds: Attack +6
Carapace Leggings
DEF: 9
* Vs. Birds: Attack +6

It's also a storable set, so you can clean them up and store them after being done with them.

If possible, see if you can check your inventory, storage and mules for crafted weapons and armor, and trade then to a Synergy Engineer to see if they can hold evoliths?

In case you don't want to update the wiki yourself, just leave any info you find here, and I'll put them on wiki.

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