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#1 Nov 12 2009 at 11:24 PM Rating: Excellent
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There doesn't seem to be a thread regarding the new fishing maze for MMM, Maze Voucher 08, "Aquatic Depopulation Team," so I thought I'd start one up and get the flow of information going.

There's a guide at FFXIclopedia as well, though it is incomplete and I think the forum system here can help build up the information faster. I'll share my experiences and update this as I get more info (though with Comps Exams right now, expect it to be a little slow).

The Basics:
You start off in Everbloom Hollow and you talk to the first goblin. After either getting a tutorial or skipping right to it, the competition starts. You can use either your own bait or talk to Baitabriq to get a rod and bait to use. Currently, I have not used the MMM bait, so I am not certain if it works any better than real bait. The competition is against the two Elvaan Lu Shang's Quest brothers and their sister(?) Ufanne. The brothers fish, the sister takes their catches to Baitabriq. Your job is to turn in the fish (temp items, just talk, don't trade) to get the required score before they do.

Based on my experiences solo:
-The first to reach 3000 points wins (this may change if you bring more members, haven't confirmed)
-The first time I tried this, neither team got to 3k within 27 minutes. I believe that whichever team has the highest score when there are 3 minutes left wins the competition.
-The brothers are fast fishers. This might be difficult to solo. I haven't managed to beat them yet.
-Monsters and NPC mobs called Feathered Foes can eat your fish. Colibri and Flamingo type birds wander in small areas and are not hard to avoid, but there are also roaming Roc types that will patrol much larger areas. I am unsure if they can eat either large or small or if the size of the bird determines what they'll eat. The maze doesn't start with them spawned. I think they start appearing either after a few minutes have passed or after a certain number of fish have been caught, but I'm not sure which.
-Unless you put in Rune 117, the waters are fresh water.
-The Peon, Weakness, Might, and Supreme Might runes seem to have an effect on points. The first time I tried this, I selected none of the above, both teams (me vs. the bros) started at 0 and needed 3k. The second time I tried, I added weakness and we both needed 3k, but I started with a head start of 300 points. I suspect with Weakness added, I could get an even larger lead. The two Might runes would likely give a larger lead to the brothers (why you might want to do this is beyond me, though, tbh).
-The two new fishing rings are known to drop from the chest upon winning, though I have no idea what, if any, runes may affect that. Brigand's Chart is also known to drop from this.
-Movement speed is nice for traveling around. There are several bodies of water throughout the maze, though I am not certain if particular areas contain certain fish while others don't or if they're all about the same.

Things I want to try:
-I'd like to try this with a partner to see if two on two can work a little better. It's hard to outstrip the brothers by myself, though I might have just gotten unlucky.
-I'd like to try the MMM bait, though I don't see why this would do better than the real thing. As I have an Ebisu, I haven't tried out the MMM rod, so I don't know how well it works or if it can catch big and small fish equally, though I doubt it.
-Peeled Crayfish and Shell Bugs seem like good bait, they both bring in some decent small catches, especially black eels.
-Big fish seem harder to hook (though no harder to catch than in the "real" world), so it might be wise to target the medium fish first to get a good head start before shooting for the larger fish like Giant Donko, Catfish, and Monke Onke.
-Possible "cheat," though I'm not sure if this would work: if you set the weakness and/or peon rune and then wait to start the competition until around 26 minutes, then you might be able to win by the time limit simply by having more points because the brothers won't have time to reel in or turn in a single fish. I considered trying this earlier today, but didn't because it seems cheap and that's just the kind of thing SE will patch if they realize people are taking the easy way out. Besides, where's the fun in that? :)

Anyway, if others have experiences they'd like to share, please post! I think it's pretty fun and a unique way to apply our craft, so let's get some more fishers doing this!

Edit: Sorry if this post is long and wall-o-texty. Just wanted to get everything I knew in there so far.

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#2 Nov 13 2009 at 12:41 AM Rating: Excellent
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-Movement speed is nice for traveling around. There are several bodies of water throughout the maze, though I am not certain if particular areas contain certain fish while others don't or if they're all about the same.

The ones that Sparkle have fish.
When they no-longer sparkle, they dont have fish.
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#3 Nov 13 2009 at 1:13 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thanks, Equivocator. Still not sure if some of them contain only certain fish while others don't or not, but that's good to know!
#4 Nov 13 2009 at 1:37 PM Rating: Good
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I'm fairly sure if time runs out and neither you or the brothers have hit the limit you still lose. But when it happened to me I cant recall if i was a head on points or the brothers were.

Also if you use Maze Rune 117 Salinity Shift the water changes to saltwater and the target points change from 3000 to 2000.

And winning is way easier if you have a partner.
#5 Nov 13 2009 at 11:25 PM Rating: Excellent
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Ok, ran today and made a copy for my buddy who helped out. For both runs, had a setup with the following:
-Lost and Found
-Conditioning Contract
-Guidance Contract

For a two person run on the Freshwater maze, it was still 3000 points total, but Peon gave us a head start of 300 points. I had a lot more luck reeling things in today, my friend is only level 48 without a Lu Shang's and reportedly had some problems reeling in some fish, but when he targeted some lower ones he managed to get some decent catches.

1st run: Totally dominated. I caught a ton of big fish and several small ones, though my friend caught some small ones to push us over the top. I chose the Taru NPC with no CC points.
-Got my Heron Ring! (Will test when I have the chance.)
-and some fish, nothing special, Giant Chirai was the best out of them

2nd run: On my buddy's copied maze, this one started out a little rougher for me, but he picked up the slack. He chose the Elvaan NPC with CC points (though I am not certain how many, I suspect he had 6)
-He got a Seagull Ring (lucky SOB)
-Maze Rune 085 "Fisherman"
-some other fish
-Also got 0.2 skillup from CC chest!

Main thing I'll report is that the fish seem to prefer live bait over lures. It's probably better to use Trout Balls and Peeled Crayfish, those seem to attract some decent small and large fish. Shell Bugs work pretty well too, they seem to nab some copper frogs if you're lower.
Also, I have found that the wiki's assertion that you can only catch 3 of any small or only 1 of any large fish is FALSE. I turned in 3 giant catfish on one of my runs, and on another I turned in 4 or 5 black eels. If you find you've hooked one big fish in a pond, don't switch bait, try for another, the NPC will still take it.

Sadly, because my friend does not have an original Voucher 08, he cannot use the rune to figure out what affect "Fisherman" has. I suspect it increases skill ups or just boosts skill, but I won't know until he gets a voucher (if he gets a voucher). When I have some CCs saved up, I'll try my own maze again to see if I get a skillup or something else with my bonus chest.
#6 Nov 15 2009 at 5:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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Small update. Ran a few more times since my last post, and I have gotten a Brigand's Chart from the Mithra NPC, but no other decent drops since last time. If you have a good rod and decently high skills, I'm pretty much of the opinion that trout balls are the best bait you can bring. Dark bass (80 points), black eels (200), and catfish (450-500) all bite them and they seem a pretty good way to get some points pretty quickly.

Also, it looks like the small birds and fished up mobs will eat small fish, but the big birds that wander can eat all the fish you have on you, if the message I got when I "aggro'd" one today is any indication. (Something about "devours all the fish in your pack," although at the time I only had one.)
#7 Nov 19 2009 at 3:35 PM Rating: Excellent
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More info. Yesterday got spotted by a small bird and it ate the Monke-Onke I just fished up. So, yeah, small feathered foes can eat large fish as well. Crap.
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