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#1 Oct 22 2009 at 8:11 AM Rating: Decent
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I am an old FFXI player and I am thinking of coming back. The only thing is, I dont want to be a part of the grindfest in FFXI and was wondering if it were possible for me to just take a character and just craft. I was thinking of starting in Windurst to get my cooking up, then travel to bastok to mine and get my smithing and go on from there.

Is it possible without farming or having capital at all??
#2 Oct 22 2009 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
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depending on the crafts you choose, in theory yes. But youre going to have to have some capital. No matter what you do you need materials and they have to come from somewhere, NPCS have prices, HELM still requires you to buy or make hatchets, picks and sickles and youre going to need crystals.

Now the appropriate question would be, what is the point of just crafting and selling your wares with no other gameplay? An alt sure I can understand, but youre just going to end up stacking money that, since youre not using for yourself, are either going to sell, give to friends, amass and stash or give away.
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#3 Oct 22 2009 at 3:34 PM Rating: Good
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So you want to pay $12.95 a month to make virtual currency that you can't even use on your own character cause it won't need equipment? Wut?
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Same sorta thing with Watusa. I saw him fishing on the ferry one time. It felt like a hollywood celebrity sighting.
#4 Oct 22 2009 at 3:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm more of a crafter than a grinder/leveler (crafting is da' bomb!)

It certainly is possible that you can focus mostly on crafting -- but as you identify, starting capital will be an obstacle.

Unlike many in the FFXI community, I do not believe that you need to be "rich" to start crafting. However, you do need to have the ability to farm or buy stacks of crystals.

If you level the six starting jobs to level 11 or so, you should have plenty of crystals to work with.

If you click on my name, and go to my wiki user page, you see a draft of a "crafting for beginners" guide which may be helpful.

My suggestion -

- start in San d'Oria; level in Ghelsba Outpost from level 7 to 11; from 9 to 11 in the fungar cave (a big circle, just slaughter fungars until they're too weak). You'll get lots of fire cystals in Ghelsba and dark crystals from the fungars in the cave. I would take Smithing to level 3, leather to level 5, and woodworking to level 6 -- and then I would move operations to another city (you'll have better access to necessary items and things). You'll want to save stacks of leather, bronze, copper and arrowwood and ash lumber for later crafting synths.

- go to Bastok next, level your gold high enough to make brass ingots; level alchemy to level 7 or so (animal glue is used alot); keep leveling your smithing.

- then go to Windurst, level your cooking, bonecraft and clothcraft there.

My experience is that I made profit in all crafts; making my own subproducts (for example, sheep leather for smithing and bonecraft synths) allowed for even greater profit.

The hardest part will be in amassing the resources for the first few stacks of crystals. In Sandy, I'd target copper ingots (fire crystals) and stone arrows (wind and earth crystals) as my first sales. Once you get to level 8 or so, you can start getting dark crystals from the fungar cave and start making sheep leather -- and you'll be on your way.

Good crafting!
#5 Oct 22 2009 at 9:20 PM Rating: Excellent
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IronSidesOMO, thank you for your post. I appreciate it. I just always enjoyed making money rather then anything I did in the game. I dont know why, but that is just me. I would rather be a collector of rare items than anything, so I guess that would be what I could do with the money. Thats just how I enjoyed the game when I used to play. Sorry if it offends you guys.. I just enjoy the game differently.
#6 Oct 22 2009 at 10:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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Having a high lvl character helps when it comes to crafting. For example, having a Chocobo license is lvl 20 and really helps if you want to AH your stuff in different cities or if you are price comparing.

For fishing, it's also lvl 20 to get more than 10 fish.

If you're hoping to mine better than the average iron ore, you're character will need some lvls not to get one-shot and home pointed.

With a high lvl character you can also farm the items you need and save a good amount of gil.

Still, yes I think it's possible to craft without doing any type of grinding. I have cooking at 40 with a lvl 15 MNK mule. It's just different. I'm at the whim of the Windurst AH and at the conquest tally. Farming is limited. Gardening is an option but it can be super random and time consuming at times. I might have had to stop crafting because Beastman controlled a certain area or no one was selling a certain ingredient.

But that was only on one craft only. If you do multiple crafts, you're only problem will be supply and patience. Maybe even boredom as FFXI offers a lot of different things to do.
#7 Oct 22 2009 at 11:21 PM Rating: Good
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If you're just using the gil you get from your adventurer's coupon & NPCing your starting gear, I'm not sure how far you're gonna get.

That said, at least there used to be a fair number of people that basically played the game to craft. I think most of them got bored w/ just crafting and finally finished jobs to 75/ started doing other stuff.

Anyway, they'd farm/craft/grid until about level 30, unlock ninja, and then HELM as nin/blm for capital, or _slowly_ take up a craft carefully reinvesting their profits from the previous round of crafting.
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#8 Oct 24 2009 at 2:23 PM Rating: Good
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I think it's possible.

Way back in the day, I solo'd RDM to 21 and all of the other starting jobs to 15. By way of that, I had so many stacks of crystals that I had to create 2 mules just to hold all my crystals. I could use Chocobos to get around (which was even nicer when a couple of high level friends power-missioned me to rank 5 so I could use the airships, but for a long time I was just using Chocobos).

Then I used all those crystal to set about taking all crafts to 60. I found a lot of profitable synthing paths, used different crafts to support one another, used subcrafts for leverage. It took about 6 months to take all crafts to 60, and some crafts were very stop-start-stop as I had to wait for metket conditions that would let me move ahead (I took Blacksmithing 22 - 36 on Iron Scales, Iron Chain, and Steel Sheets, but I had to take long pauses on Blacksmithing until market conditions presented a decent synth to move forward with).

It took another 6 months to get Woodworking to 100.

So, after I had been in the game for about 14 months, my highest job was still 22 or so. It took me 30 months after starting the game to get RDM to 75, as I was still spending a LOT of time crafting for profits, riding inflation...

I'm still pretty much a crafter at heart.

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Clothcrafting 82  + 2 
Goldsmithing  60  + 1 
Blacksmithing 65 
Leathercraft  60 
Boneworking   60 
Alchemy       62 
Fishing       84 
#9 Oct 27 2009 at 3:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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You can because I did the same. My internet blows hard, no DSL or cable in my area. So I couldn't do much other than craft really. Though I had some starting capital (20-30m~), but I don't know how you could get real starting capital without farming or buying. If you still have your old account, that would be very helpful to you. And you should consider Leathercraft, the leathers usually sell for profit right off the bat, so there's something you could make for profit easily early on.

And to those who don't like the idea of playing to make gil; as long as you talk to people while you're making gil, it's no different than wasting your time in sea, dynamis, camps, etc. Same ****, different pile.
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#10 Oct 27 2009 at 6:53 PM Rating: Decent
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With a 20k startup I think it would be very easy to just Craft. Fun too.

IMO Mining = Farming. I dont think you will be able to reliably Mine for Ores to level into the upper levels of Smithing, but if you dont mind HPing quite a few times, you could get the beginer levels of Smithing under your belt from mining.

If you have the drive/money/time I would probably have 3-4 characters (only $1 extra each aditional char.) With a plan to take 4 different crafts to 100. It's great being able to hop on a Mule and HQ those base items you need for another mule to level their craft.
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#11 Oct 29 2009 at 6:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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To OP:
I think it is possible possible with a slightly modified plan. You will have to have have some capital at the beginning or grindfest, one or the other. You will need mats from somewhere and crystals from somewhere to get started. Then with proper planning you can become self sufficient. But the crafting will become a grind-fest in itself. You will have to turn out lots of items or grind lots of mats to sell to buy other mats needed as you progress.

I love crafting and farming my own mats when possible and practical. Some items I may farm one thing easy to sell then use profit to buy harder to farm items I might need. I don't play FFXI much anymore, when I do log in I usually farm and craft. I got burnout years ago with to much endgame events at one time, began to feel like a job with all my time spoken for while I was ingame. So I moved on to other games for a break.

Hijacking threading here:

My love of crafting carried on to WoW, EQ2, Darkfall and Lotro. Although the other games have easy-mode crafting compared to FFXI, they do have some features I do like. But I think most of those features would ruin the feeling of accomplishment in FFXI's grueling crafting system.

Best feature in other games: Recipe log on your character. No trying to remember what materials are need. No searching online for crafting list and keep the paper copy at your side while playing. You open your panel and can see the list of recipes you can make. Although you have to buy recipes from npc's or get from mob drops before you can learn them, makes a nice side game for those OCD like me (gotta collect them all!)

Other games nice features: No critical breaks losing mats. No crystals needed, although you have to be a guild workstation. Guild special recipes for master craftsmen joined to that guild(usually very nice item with a long CD between each time you can craft it). Make items that canonly be used by yourself (usually very nice item or boosted stats). A feature in your craft panel that will "make all" (if you have mats for 100 pies, that button will make 100 pies non-stop) this makes for afk crafting, but nice if you need to make a ton of something like components needed for other crafted items (pie dough, I'm thinking of you).

Because of the easy mode of other games crafting, I love FFXI crafting. But I really really do wish FFXI had the recipe log on you character, I hate having to keep a notebook with me when crafting.

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#12 Oct 30 2009 at 4:29 AM Rating: Good
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Alchemy to poison potions to profit. Spend profit on whatever you like. That's what I did when I came back.
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#13 Nov 23 2009 at 11:10 AM Rating: Good
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For me and others of my friends we prefer crafting, farming, gardening etc. They are much more fun that leveling.
If you play the game with that in mind you will want to level not for the fighting of it but to assist your crafting.
Thief is wonderful for farming. :D Whm/blm is great for getting around to where you want to get materials. Especially for digging. I like dancer to use with my thief for farming.
Now if you level jobs with this in mind then you dont have to worry about your gear, weapons etc so much. Most of what you need you can craft and even level up on. I prefer FOV and campaign because it doesn't interfere with my crafting so much.
You do need those jobs leveled up so you can go where you need to go for safety but dont worry because you will have a goal in mind other than fighting.
Some crafting does need at least 20 like fishing. If you do hot and cold game you will want a high level so you dont die when you open the chests. Same with digging. No way do you want to get dumped from choco in an area you will die in.
This game has so much to offer besides killing things. It surprises me that more people havent noticed. If you dont like fighting grinds, or just dont like all the killing, then I dont think you will get bored doing the other things FF has to offer. I have been on the game for five years and have never been bored yet I detest exping and I know I am not alone.

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#14 Dec 17 2009 at 10:27 AM Rating: Default
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providence is nice atm.

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For example: why should we invite someone too dumb to know the advantages of a hybrid class?

I wish we could do a /sea all IQ 100-250 when searching for a party.

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#15 Dec 17 2009 at 1:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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One problem you may have, unless you level up a bit, is dealing with the new Synergy system. Players take damage and status effects from explosions during Synergy crafting, possibly enough to be lethal to low-level characters. Fortunately, Synergy is quite optional at this point, and there's only a small number of items you need it for yet.
#16 Dec 21 2009 at 11:28 AM Rating: Excellent
I hope I'm not too late to be of any use, but I think it's possible to do exactly this.
First off, let me say that I don't think this is a dumb idea, I would actually agree with you, except that SE gimped the difficulty of levelling to the point that you can get level 75 solo on any job quickly with little effort.
My idea of how to start:
That's right, go grab yourself a fishing pole and little worms from the guild in Port Windurst, if you use your Adventurer's Coupon you'll have 50 gil, allowing you to buy a little worm. Doesn't sound like much, until you start looking at what equipment you started the game with. Sell it. Sell anything you can, to NPC's or the auction house. Somehow, you need to come up with another 29 gil, so you can buy a Willow fishing rod. Once you have that, go fish. Don't fish in the ocean, you're liable to break your rod and lose your bait, and have to start over, go fish in Woods or Waters, where you can possibly fish up some moat carp (or more likely crayfish). Should you get even a crayfish, you'll find you can sell it for more than the cost of the little worm. It's a slow start, but you'll find that you'll soon be rolling in dough. Try to buy yourself a Halcyon rod as early as possible to help out with avoiding breaks. Once you have a sufficient supply of gil, you can freely move on to the other crafts, no social interaction required, no grinding required.
Good Luck!

#17 Dec 27 2009 at 4:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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Dragonli wrote:
Somehow, you need to come up with another 29 gil, so you can buy a Willow fishing rod. Once you have that, go fish. Don't fish in the ocean, you're liable to break your rod and lose your bait, and have to start over, go fish in Woods or Waters, where you can possibly fish up some moat carp (or more likely crayfish).

If you do this, bear in mind that for characters less than 2 weeks old or under level 20, there is a cap of 10 fish per day, which will put a crimp in leveling fishing or earning any profit. More troublesome is the possibility that you may trip the automatic RMT-detectors and someday log-in to a banned message.

#18 Dec 28 2009 at 10:34 AM Rating: Excellent
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I dont think its going to be all that enjoyable.
you have to find a nice mix of things to do in a RPG.

I agree with you on some points.. i'd rather solo all of the time then party with a bunch of mindless kills of ****** mobs..

I dont think its possible to craft without leveling up a couple jobs. crafting should be a hobby that you do along side leveling up jobs.

I'll give you a few hints if you want to know where the money is..
Its not in the crafting everytime.
Its in providing the materials to the AH. that the crafters need.
finding out what someone else is likely to want to buy.

Nebonites sell for a profit.
Crafting them into Black Ink is a Mistake though.

Ghelsaba chopping Elm Logs sell for a profit.
Crafting them into Elm Lumber is a mistake though. (ninjas want logs for crafting ninja tools. they dont want lumber)

Learning the mysterys of the AH.. is key to generating wealth..

You could buy 7 stacks of iron ingots for around 27k each stack from the Sandy BlackSmith on the day after the guild holiday.. Warp to Whitegate and sell 7 stacks of iron ingots for 35k.. with fairly quick sales.
No crafting whatsoever.

You could get a stack of 12 tree cuttings and plant them.. dont feed them any crystals.. when they grow up in your moghouse into tree sapplings simply harvest them and ah sell them for profits.

You could buy 7 stacks of 12 distilled waters from the lions spring bar in south sandoria..for about 144 gil per stack.. Turn right around and sell 7 stacks of water for 1k each at the South Sandy AH..

Someone is going to buy 7 stacks of water.. dont ask. and dont tell them where to buy water either.. :)

If you provide a service (ie walked somewhere to make it easier for someone else to spend money..) then your reward is waiting in your moghouse delivery box every day.

once you have wealth. it really doesnt matter what craft hobby you choose to do.

#19 Dec 28 2009 at 12:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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RobbyFaces wrote:
Because of the easy mode of other games crafting, I love FFXI crafting.
That's why it's great for making gil; everyone thinks it's too hard so they don't even try.
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#20 Jan 14 2010 at 11:20 AM Rating: Good
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I've been sort of doing what you are planning to do for the past 5 years now. I role play a merchant, my primary source of income is gardening, and my primary hobby is crafting and farming for craft materials. I also enjoy fishing.

I count gardening as a craft and make millions a month on it (even in todays game economy) - more than enough to fund my advances in the costlier crafts and indulge my bobby of collecting expensive items. I've also leveled some of my characters just enough to comfortably move around in specific logging, mining, fishing, and escavation areas that appeal to me, since I sometimes I need to get ingredients on my own.

plenty to do as a crafter.
#21 Jan 19 2010 at 1:21 AM Rating: Good
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There isn't anything wrong with playing the game in a different way. Its all about what you enjoy and what makes you happy with the time you spend.

I used to play in a LS with someone who played a galka whm with no subjob and wanted to solo it to 75. Last time I saw him he was mid 30's, and this was before they made soloing easy.
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#22 Jan 20 2010 at 12:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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If you're a pawn for number games [like me!] such as sudoku, picross, etc. (a calculator doesn't do it for me unfortunately :( ) then crafting to make gil is fun too.
MojoVIII wrote:
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WAR excel sheet for damage calculations.
Advanced Spellcast Script for WAR.

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#23 Mar 01 2010 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
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I had all my crafts to 60, and Cooking to 100 before I took a single job past 30. Getting a job to 20 was key for me, as I made a ton off of chocobo digging, and it yealds so many necessary low level raw ingredients you can level up all your crafts. I did take the very slow route, though :).
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