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So you wanna be a Fisherman eh?Follow

#52 Feb 06 2004 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
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More Reasons to like ERon

Shining Trout!! Use these lil bad boys to make Trout Balls for catfish. 1 Earth+ 1 shining Trout + 1 Rye Flour + 1 Distilled Water= 12 Trout Balls. Unfortunatley, I caught on to this late, but it goes a looooooong way :) I catch Moats during the day and switch to Catfish in the evenings, good way to make money during your 20 lvls of fishing and not stay bored out of your mind!!

#53 Feb 06 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I know someone is going to call me a cheater for posting this, but one thing I wanted to add.

If you have your back against a zone wall, large rock, log, etc, you cannot fish up monsters. Monsters spawn behind you when you fish them up, if something is blocking that space, you can't catch them.

So for example, In Jugner Forrest, at the lake there are spots with logs/rocks you can put your back to and fish all day without worrying about being owned by a monster you fish up.
#54 Feb 06 2004 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Personally, I would not call it cheating, cheating is when you do something against the rules... I doubt there is a rule that says you can't fish with your back against the wall...

I would on the other hand, call this "Observant"... and that you have observed that fished up monsters always spawn behind you, and the "Don't spawn in a rock" code over-rides the "Fish up a Monster" code is a neat to know item...

but I have yet to fish in a place where I can fish up a monster... I may go find one just to see if I Observe the same trend as you have. (In other words, thank you for the info)
I am new... give me a break
#55 Feb 06 2004 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Using the sabiki rig to fish for sardines at lvl 6 is great :P Now go buy your own!


Thanks for another great guide, being that I used your cooking guide ;) I will definately have to use your fishing guide. Don't sweat the critics keep the guides comin!

Stupid ppl (You know who you are),

Get a life! And if think you can make more money lvling a THF to 15 than I can fishing, you are just plain nutz. Yes with a "z" NUTZ!!! Gold carp are not as rare as I keep reading. In 2 hours time I can catch "at least" 4 stacks of Moat carp 4k each
2 stacks of Tricolored 1.2k each (NPC)and close to a stack of golds 10k each or 600+gil a piece at NPC (if your AH is full of moats like mine is :P). So, if you think you can make 20K in 2 hours of lvling a THF PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT...... sorry! Anyway, fishing is great!

P.S. To catch Golds, you must use a rod that they can break. Don't ask me why; I didn't make the rules I just follow them. The Devs must have a very sick sense of humor.

P.S.S. Thought I would share my macro. A friend gave me the basic idea I just tweaked it to my likings.

/equip ammo "Insect Ball"
/wait 14

And that't it in a nutshell. Therefore I have a reminder that my macro has started, I don't have to worry aboot changing bait and it's nice and simple.

Edited, Fri Feb 6 14:34:41 2004 by Rytemis
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#56 Feb 06 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
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My estimates are conservative if anything. The worst run I have had to date is 10 line breaks to a skill gain. So I simply take the 100% fiqure and divide it by 10 and well simply get 10%. Instead of bashing it or claiming it to be "outrageous" perhaps you should do your part and seek to disprove or backup such statements.

I don't need to disprove anything. You're the one that's making the claim, so the onus is on you to prove it. But the fact that you take 10 line breaks, and use such a TINY sample to extrapolate your numbers from, shows how ignorant you are on statistical significance. You would literally need a sample of hundreds if not thousands of linebreaks in order to prove there is an effect, and that's it's just not a standard deviation. I'm not against people making 'hypothesis', but at least have some judgement and rationaling ability.

While you are LVLing at the lake keep track of line breaks and rod breaks and note how many times you gain skill during such an event. To do so you will hafta lay down your Composite Rod if you are doing like just about everyone else and use Carbon as I suggest.

And yet you using your fvcked up method and having all these line/rod breaks does nothing either, because the sample is too small.

Fishing gear has an optimum LVL for usage. Items such as the Rouge's Rig requires a LVL 51 to use and at this LVL will catch Moat carps in 3's. But hay, it's ultimately your choice if you wanna use a composite rod and fish with a skill LVL of 11 for moat carps one at a time knock yourself out. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to accept my guide as the end-all be-all of fishing guides.

What the **** does this have to do with anything? I didn't say i was using your guide for everything... and you're a little egotistical to believe that everybody who reads your posts follow everything you do to the word. But i'm just making a point to stick to what you know, and not start pulling numbers out of your ***. Really, what's the point in all those numbers anyways? Are you trying to impress somebody or something? They mean absolutely NOTHING.

Do yourself a favor, don't be a troll and simply come here and claim my fiqures are "outrageous" or "arbitrary" just because your Primus Guide or guide you bought off ebay doesn't mention anything about it. Test it and add to the pool of knowledge, it's what all the great scientists do. Hypothesis >>> Theory >>> Law

LOL and you're calling yourself a scientist now? Man you sure get sensitive when somebody criticizes you. Maybe you're too thinned skin for these type of open message boards.
#57 Feb 06 2004 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
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i find that i breck carbon rods like mad at jungar. they last about 25 to 30 casts then bang. i am going to try bringing a bunch of bambo rods and see how i do. BTW fishing at jungar is off the hook! you got to try it some time.
#58 Feb 07 2004 at 7:26 AM Rating: Decent
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First of all, you mentioned selling fish to npc in jueno. Do you mean any npc, or one in particular? Also, would I get a higher price selling them at the AH?
#59 Feb 07 2004 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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If you're fishing in Jugner, I don't know if this guy was fished up or just spawned, but watch out for King Arthro. A bunch of japanese, high levels of course, have been fighting him for about 7 minutes so far, and he's only down to half health. (Alla's has him listed at lvl 55)

Waterga IV... yikes.... hehehehe
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#60 Feb 07 2004 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
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So, if you think you can make 20K in 2 hours of lvling a THF PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT...... sorry! Anyway, fishing is great!

I can definately make 20k in 2 hrs as a THF(not counting time to sell at AH)... you know my secret too Rytemis :p Fishing's not just a Gil making scheme though, it's for skill ups and for quests.

That being said Fishing is a lot less intensive than my methods and can make just as much money (and probably much more in the later levels).

I'm at level 11 now and needed a break from fishing to do some more leveling. I used moat carp all the way to 9 then switched to Cheval Salmon and Shining trout to 11 ... I guess I need to stick to them until 15 :p

Thanks for the Guide Wolf!
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#61 Feb 07 2004 at 11:39 AM Rating: Decent
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I thought wolfsable's guide was practical and clean and easy to read. Istondil does a lot of research and so he knows a lot of the fishing stuff. Somebody had a fishing site that was so hard to read :p ughh.... just lots of facts just slow and hard to understand it ¬_¬: all us poor newbies want to know is how to use this info and do the optimal lv gain in fishing with low expenditure :/ Not everybody is rich in ffxi :P You can't afford to break expensive rods, lose expensive lures, buy expensive fishing body gear :/

After reading a few guides and i went back to ffxi to try it, i ended up asking again people who were actually fishing what they were doing.

over at gamefaqs they said to use a clothespole, but in ffxi they said to use bamboo to fast your skill if your a lv 0 and just started.

Point is, nobody can know how far they can trust what they read here compared to asking somebody fishing next to you in ffxi what their doing and etc. Thats what i do. I take the notes here, try some of it, and i ask the fishermen around what their doing and try it their way.

I've been fishing in the Zeruhn mines river at the bridge past the gate and thats on the way to korroloka tunnels.

I broke a carbon rod there >_<; from my exp from lv 0-6 fishing i've caught cray fish , moat carp , tricolored carp, and black eel.

skill gain was like 0.1, 0.2 and i think i once got 0.4 I used only 2 rods there so far which were bamboo and carbon. Carbon broke once after a long long time and i never expected that. Bamboo broke too frequently. Fastest record time after i bought this was 3-5 times fishing without a catch and it broke.

Waiting for how many thugs i believe doesn't make a difference. As long as you get a bite you just pull.

People at the Zeruhn mines river bridge told me that. I also saw some fishermen with angler fishing gear and a lushang rod do that too.

Edited, Sat Feb 7 11:47:44 2004 by MoogleStiltzkin
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#62 Feb 07 2004 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
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n. pl. hy·poth·e·ses (-sz)
1) A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation.
2) Something taken to be true for the purpose of argument or investigation; an assumption.
3) The antecedent of a conditional statement.

A lot of people as of late have been asking why there fishing skill hasn't been going up. Some of them ask why it's so slow. I have seen these posts on other fishing threads, stand a lone threads and even some here in my post. Well my hypothesis is my best guess to thier question based on the data I have collected over my fishing experiance.

This information was not based off a mear 10 line breaks. If anyone has fished in Jugnar Forest with a Carbon/Glass rod you will see for yourself that line breaks and rod brekas are a VERY trackable phenomenon. And I tracked it though 10 lvl's of fishing due to the frequency of those two events, and I continue to track it now.

I do nothing half-assed. I take my time and present the best information possible. Anyone that reads my guides should know this. And if you have a better idea I will test it and change information based on those ideas. I never have had a problem addmitting I was wrong. What I do have a problem with is arrogant ******** that are prolly the ones that started the "Wolfsfable you killed cooking" thread bombard and troll my threads for no apparent reason, furthermore they add nothing to this thread, **** they add nothing to anyones thread as is apparent by there overall posting karma.

As for the Rogue's Rig, turns out I WAS WRONG I heard about it like many of you did, off the message boards and ingame. Even heard specific places and specific times to attempt to catch the elusive 3x Moat Carps. Maybe the Japanese started the rumor to sell Rogue Rigs, those BASTARDS. Turns out you hafta do it one at a time. Which I did last night and will be doing this weekend, 300/10,000. Well it's a start I suppose. ^^

Edited, Sat Feb 7 12:36:03 2004 by Wolfsfable
#63 Feb 08 2004 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
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all i did was

1. buy 3 bamboo rods
2. buy 10 stacks of insect paste
3. fish in windy woods
4. get 4k from my first stack of carp and use 1k for fishing gloves
5. get 4k from my next stack of carp and use the 7k for a comp rod
6. fishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfishfish (buy the rest of the fishing gear) and i can make 30k on a good day :) (i really liked ur guide tho; when i start needing more money ill use it to lvl past 11 ^^)
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#64 Feb 08 2004 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Levish, I'm sure a lvl 28 THF can make 20k, but I was talking aboot the lvling process.

Anyhoo, Yesh fishing is low stress. I also enjoy the lvl increases with the profit. And I am tempted to go Salmon/Trout Fishing in E.Ron. I fish in N. San almost exclusively. Since the only fishing I enjoy in RL is fly fishing in streams for Salmon/Trout. :) Gonna try Jugner, just to get away from the New Adventures asking me questions all the time in N. San.

"Um, excuse me can you show me where Mog House/Monsters/Weapon Shop/Armor Shop/Quests/Guild is?" "I am a new player!" "How Do I Fish/Make stuff/Fight/Make Money/Make friends?" "Um, Ok can you show me, cause I don't understand."

I'm sure we can all realate.

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#65 Feb 08 2004 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Some things that aren't mentioned.

1. We are basing these statistical numbers on the fact that this is a GAME. Would the devs make stupid *** random equations to determine skill gains, etc .. or would they use something reasonable and on par with the other parts of the game. Do something for free = takes long time, get money = takes time, craft = takes no time. The time factor determines the equation.

2. You can raise your skill to 50 in any part of the world. I find that with the advanced support from WH, I can catch fish 10-15 lvls up instead of 7-10. Might take a bit longer but result in A. less broken rods B. More of each fish (think cooking) C. You can stay near town and garden for a ******** of $$.

So I fish, Guild support + fishing, gardening, and day trading makes a easy 30k profit a day.

Take into account I play max 5 hours a day.

Zixx @ Unicorn
#66 Feb 09 2004 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Wolfsable also said to go get fishing support by joining the fishermens guild. and zixz your saying the same thing.

So are you saying, even when your lv 0 fishing skill, to go sign up at the fishing guild ?

or, do you sign up when you reach lv 10 so you can uncap your fishing skill ?

Might be easy for windhurstians but poor old sandorian and bastokians have to go a long way ;P

quickest route i can think of is ...

south gustaberg >> north gustaberg >> konsthat highlands >> valkrum dunes >> selbina >> mhaura >> and somewhere along here is wind hurst :/

will have to take chocobos and boat :(
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#67 Feb 09 2004 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
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It is a long run, unfortunately, MoogleStiltzkin.

Bastok Markets > South Gustaberg > North Gustaberg > Konschtat Highlands > Valkrum Dunes > Selbina > Ship to Mhuara > Mhuara > Buburimu Peninsula > Tahrongi Canyon > East Sarutabaruta > Port Windurst.

A long, long trip indeed. An not an easy one to make, as there can be a lot of tough mobs you could encounter around the Dunes, on the ship, and in Buburimu if one doesn't know who and what to avoid, or aren't powerful enough to handle them.

I would highly suggest if you do make this trip, though, stopping along the way and picking up a crystal from both the Crag of Dem in the Highlands, and the Crag of Mea, in Tahrongi Canyon, along the way. Why? Because at peak times (sometimes for a moderate fee), you can often find a lot of mages willing to give you a Teleport that will save you a lot of time and effort. I've just finished Mission 6 (or 2-3, depending who you ask), and my entire party used the Teleport to go from Bastok to Windurst, and Windurst to San d'Oria.

All you need to do when you get ready to go, after you have the appropriate Crag crystals, is just do a search for a level thirty six or higher WHM in the area you're in and politely ask (I usually offer 500 gil, but often they will port you for free, especially the Japanese players.. they tend to be very friendly if approached properly), or just use the /shout command in the Markets or wherever you happen to be.

It's a great way to get about, saves loads of time. I plan on leveling WHM up enough that I can use it, and you'd better believe if someone asks me, I'll give them a 'port if possible. Cooperation and a little friendly spirit make this game as great as it is. ^^

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#68 Feb 09 2004 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Something that I have observed with the help of a friend is that even if the "this fish is too small" message is not displayed, you can still lose the fish due to the rod being too big....example:

was at knightwell with the equivilent of 20 skill (16 + clothes) fishing for moat carp with my composite rod, i was only pulling in 50% of my catches where as my friend with the equivilent of 10 skill was pulling in almost everything...rite so i run back to town, buy a carbon rod...come back and woohoo i pull in the fish almost every time :D (think i missed 3 in 15).

My point is, when im at jungar should i use my carbon rod and risk breaking it, or use my composite and not break it but miss the occasional fish....?

Another question, when u say the values that u moved on is that REAL skill or equivilent skill (ie with clothes on) coz salmon no longer seems to give me any skill even when i fish up a chain of 10 of them with my composite rod.

Im tempted to go and try fishing in the sea outside windurst as I hear that u can race through the 20-30 skill there...failing that i can try jungar with both rods and see how i get on...slightly worried about monsters but i can try and find a rocky space....

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#69 Feb 09 2004 at 9:53 AM Rating: Decent
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Thnx Lukikiya =^-^=; kupo.

my in my experience, lv 20-25 the trip should be safe around places like valkrum dunes difficulty to make the trip i believe :/

I have a crystall from the crag in the konsthat highlands. I also did one mission to trade a crystal and receive one which i gave to cid :/

What does collecting crystals from the crags do actually :) bit confused.

I heard white mages can only do warp 1 to warp themselves, and only black mages can do warp 1 and warp 2. Thats warping themselves and also others i believe. Don't know if thats true but that was what i was told anyway :/

Since i'm a lv 29 war/ 10 monk, i'll take a visit around that windhurstian region when i hit lv 30 ^^
=^-^=; kupo kupo ?? Bubbly Bernie $ Guide

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#70 Feb 09 2004 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
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The gate crystals (they are listed under "Key Items") allow you to be teleported to said telepoint (the three crags, altepa, yhoat jung., and xarcabard). A WHM of sufficient level (36,38,38 and 42 respectively) can quest/purchase from the AH the spells to teleport folks to said locations. However, every person that wishes to go there must have a gate crystal to be teleported.
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#71 Feb 11 2004 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Skill 5-8
After getting a 5 in fishing you can off your bamboo rod/rods you won't be needing them anymore. Grab yourself a Carbon fishing rod and a Sabaki Rig and head over to the fishing guild in Port Windurst. Fish off the pier there and yank up Bastore Sardines 1-3 at a time YEEE HAW. These suckers will take you to a skill LVL of 9 you can chop them up to start your cooking career or hang onto them for later use. the choice is yours. AT skill LVL 8 make sure to hit the guild for your first promotion.

I'm currently level two with full fishing gear, putting me technically at 6 fishing skill, would that be enough to start there?

Also, I have a Mithran Fishing Rod, would that be safer than a Carbon? I checked Osakana Database and it said Carbon'll snap but Mithran won't.

Any thoughts?
#72 Feb 11 2004 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Theres an excellent spot in jugner where you cannot fish up any monsters. Its on the west side of the lake there are large stones and a fallen tree. If you park yourself in between the tree and incline of the wall you won't fish up any monsters. I've fished that spot for about 4 hours and gained abuot 3 skill points. Very, very good spot.
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#73 Feb 11 2004 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm curious as to one thing about all this - it's well and good if you have easy access to boats and warp spells and airships, but I'm a level 17 black mage (no subjob yet, this is my first real character) in Windurst and I don't have any viable way to go all the way to San d'Oria to fish -- I'm a level 11 fisherman right now and aren't catching moat carps fast enough, and I have a serious need for money right now. My plans aren't big: I don't want to be a level 50 fisherman (yet), I just want to make 20 or 25k when I need it, and being level 11 is only yielding me 2 to 5 moat carp per stack of insect balls. Is this guide pretty much limited to higher level characters starting out in the skill?
#74 Feb 11 2004 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
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Just a side info, with my San Doria fame, I get 2650 gil for each Rusty Cap while fishing and selling them in Rabao *cheer*~
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#75 Feb 11 2004 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Yah.....Rabao........One heck of a sweet fishin hole.

I'm tryin to get my whm to 38 just so i can port there when i feel like it. I am Galka. lol
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#76 Feb 11 2004 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
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I have a question, I'm a level 15 Fishermen and I've been wanting to get higher, yet can find no places to level up.

I'm curious, what should I do? I have a composite rod and a fly lure should I go to Easy Ron and fish in the river there? If so, how long? Thanks ^_^
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