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[Tomb of Freedon Nadd] [PVP] <Devil Inside> is recruiting...Follow

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Devil Inside

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

The Guild

Devil Inside was founded back in 2005 as a PvP guild in the MMO Anarchy Online. As the years went by through our dedication and ambition we slowly became the single most active and imposing PvP guild on our server. We are very proud to have left our mark on AO , and while it was a great game that we very much enjoyed we felt it was time to move on , and so after a short stint in RIFT we decided to make our new home in SW:TOR.

The People

We are a multinational community with members ranging from Europe to the Americas (yes , we even have our American friends playing with us on an European server!) and English is the tongue that binds us both in org chat and teamspeak.


From its inception Devil Inside has set its goal to be the very best it can be in PvP. We PvP because we love it , we like to win and we find it incredibly satisfactory to win through teamwork and common understanding of each other’s strengths ( and weaknesses!). Fun and PvP go hand in hand for us , because we do have fun while pvping , and we pvp for fun. And while none of us enjoys losing , we can still enjoy ourselves and take positives from every loss in order to come back better next time. Make no mistake though – we’ve no habbit of losing!


Devil Inside has never been and never will be a dedicated PvE guild. However! We completely understand and agree that PvE is a nice distraction and a change of pace from the usual warzone madness ( Yes , even that can become a bit repetitive at times ) , and while no Devil Inside member will ever be required to participate in a PvE event they do not want to , we will always try to satisfy our PvE needs and we encourage every member to take part in our raids – even the most dedicated of pvpers can find a bit of fun in smashing through raid content with a group of skilled , fun loving guildies!

Fun ?

Yes , fun. That’s why we’re all here , whether cooling of after a long day at work , or as dedicated gamers , we’re all looking for a bit of fun. To that end – we do not and will never tolerate any kind of attitude that’s disrespectful , insulting or just plain "drama queen-ish” on our org chat , our teamspeak , or from one member to another. We are here to treat eachother with respect , in a friendly relaxed atmosphere and we keep that atmosphere just the way it is even when we’re fighting for our ‘lives’ against the best pvpers out there. We do it all with a smile on our face and we know at the end when we see that "Victory” window that it happened not only because we are the best- but because we have a positive attitude and we act like the best!


That depends on your understanding of hardcore. Most if not all of us have jobs and day to day responsibilities , the days when we would spend way to much time playing mmos are long past us. But make no mistake – we are dedicated and experienced gamers , who aim to be nothing but the best and we do not in any way consider ourselves "Sunday players”. So from that perspective – we are quite a bit hardcore.

Can I join you ?

We are always looking to expand our family with exceptional players that share our goals and beliefs. If you believe Devil Inside is the guild for you , then we warmly invite you to fill out an application form in our recruitment section here!
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