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Aureus Knights-Family Friendly, Mature & Fun Focused US-PVPFollow

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Guild Name: Aureus Knights
Server: Terentatek (US-PvP East Coast)
Alignment: Republic
Type: PvP | PvE | End-game | Casual
Recruiting: Open
Vent: Provided, Recommended, Not-Required
Current Roster: Aureus Knights has 100+ Active members
Special: Supported Chapters on both factions. See our website for details.

Welcome, and thank you for taking a few minutes to have a look at Aureus Knights and finding out a little bit more about who we are, and what we offer. We are the Republic aligned chapter for Aureus Knights (we do have a Empire chapter as well, more on that in a little bit.

Who We Are:

Aureus Knights is a guild of friends that began playing MMO's back in 1997 with Ultima Online. As a group of friends we'd go game to game, guild to guild playing the games we loved. In late 2006 though, we felt it best to build our own community. For us a community differs from a guild, because we are not built specifically for just one game, instead we travel thru various games together, and we found that for us, it makes us a much stronger community for it.

Aureus Knights is built on the principles of Respect, Honor, Loyalty and Friendship. Rule number one for The Knights is to treat people as you’d want to be treated. We use a fairly flat system of leadership where we have officers who are responsible for the day to day running of the guild but in the end they are just members – we are all equals here. This guild exists for its members and not for any other reason; we have no drama here, no power trips and none of that type of baggage that sometimes comes with guilds.

We are a family friendly guild that puts real life and family ahead of our games; We are a serious guild who loves to work end game but we will not do it at the cost of our membership's personal lives.

What are the rules?

  • Treat Others As You'd Like To Be Treated
  • Everyone Has Their Moments... Just Don't Make Them Every Second Moment
  • Respect This Guild, Respect Its Reputation, Don't Make Us Look bad.
  • Loot is always need before greed in AKS. You want to be a loot ninja, we'll ninja your guild access

What does AKS Offer?

The AKS core group and officers are knowledgeable gamers who enjoy helping other players. So right off the bat you have a good core group of people to play with who want to make sure that all AKS members feel welcome and enjoy the games they play to the fullest extent. A few benefits provided by AKS:

  • Forums
  • Ventrilo Voice Server
  • In-Game Communication Channels
  • Game Specific Resources (Anything from quest help to a guild bank, etc)
  • Organized Events
  • A well run and fun guild
  • Officers who know their game and are always willing to help
  • A Quarterly Newsletter
  • A recently launched Podcast we are aiming to do twice a month.
  • Involvement in other games during downtimes. (Team Fortress, Battlefield Bad Company, Civ, League of Legends among others)

Leadership & Structure:

AKS likes to keep it simple. In the past we've seen politics destroy guids, people's enjoyment of games and even friendships that were deeply rooted outside of gaming. To avoid this we maintain a flat structure with two levels; Officer and Member.

Being an Officer doesn't make anyone different then any member within the guild. The function of the officer is simply to help administer the day to day business of the guild and have a say in policy discussions and decisions whenever they are required. We believe also that members should have the right to vote on issues of importance and the Officership of the guild will do its best to make sure votes are held where appropriate (voting is NOT always the answer - basic decisions do not require a United Nations style debate and are up to the officer team to discuss and decide)

As a large guild that spans multiple games over many years we also occasionally move officers to "retired status". Officers who are in retired status are viewed as elder statesmen within the guild's leadership team. They do not have any active officer access in games but still participate in votes and discussions amongst the officer team. We maintain the "retired status" to ensure we keep tabs on who is active within our games at a given time in order to ensure optimal officer levels.

All new officers undergo a 90 day trial period where they are given basic coaching by existing officers. Officers who quit a game they are assigned to during their trial will be returned to member status.

Once a Member Always a Member:

Members of AKS become lifetime members after their recruit stage. Once a knight, always a knight. Even if you go away and come back five years later to play The Next Big Thing(TM) with us we'll be more than happy to have you back.

Stay In Touch:

Although this is not mandatory or anything ... We'd love to keep in touch with you, both if you are playing games with us or not. Again we are a group of friends here and we want our friendships to last a long time and go beyond the games we play. So hit these forums often, be as chatty as you want to be in the general forum, get to know your fellow AKS members. The more we put into this, the more we will enjoy it.

Other Involvements:

Right now we have a fairly substantial contingent playing Rift.

During MMO "downtimes" we tend to find other multiplayer games. Examples include Minecraft, League of Legends, Battlefield Bad Company, Civ, and Team Fortress 2.

How to become a member:

We highly recommend that you visit our website, and make a post introducing yourself in the recruitment forum. This gives you a chance to have a look at who we are, and what we are about. Our listings here on the official TOR site are: Sith aligned chapter, and our Republic aligned chapter.

General recruitment information is listed here.

Sith & Republic Factions?

In the past we have always limited ourselves to a single faction in a game, however we spent several months discussing our approach to SWTOR. Our feeling is that the story lines are a central selling point to the game, and we wanted members to be able to experience whichever one they wanted, without a limit. This was a core piece to our decision to support both factions.

Once we established that we wanted to make that happen, we had to make sure that we were committed to supporting each chapter as if it was a stand alone entity. This meant officers, members, events, recruitment, and so on. When we determined that we had the level of commitment needed, we decided to go forward in this direction. This wasnt something we jumped into, this is the result of thought and discussion.

What is the benefit of a two faction guild?

We feel it allows you to not have to make a compromise. Pick the class you want, the story you want, and you still have your guild with you. If you want to roll an alt with the other faction, feel free, you will still be able to play with many of the same members. If you enjoy the community, then you can have your cake and eat it too!

You'll have an opportunity to participate events for both factions.

For the time being there is no restriction on having both Empire and Republic characters on the same server. (Source) At this time it is our plan to play on the same server with our Republic Chapter, and for the first time be able to compete with one another. We think this will add an interesting and exciting dynamic to our play experience.

Other Links:

Aureus Knights Online Gaming Community Homepage
Guild Charter
Aureus Knights Recruitment Forum
Aureus Empire (Sith)Chapter @ TOR
Aureus Knights (Republic)Chapter @ TOR

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Edited, Dec 12th 2011 10:43pm by RJO
Guild Leader - Aureus Knights
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I don't want to seem like I am bumping too soon BUT we just released our guild newsletter (which is really nicely put together if I may say so) and I thought I'd share it with everyone:
Guild Leader - Aureus Knights
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We now have a server! We'll be on: Terentatek
Guild Leader - Aureus Knights
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