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[NA] X Legion {PvP/PVE} (Age 18+) East Coast and CentralFollow

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About You

The thought of killing your enemies makes you happier than a virgin at the Bunny Ranch! You like drama about as much as having bamboo shoots stuffed under your finger nails. You are looking for a guild that actually helps each other out. Giving your friends a little ****, and receiving it in turn doesn’t make you feel the need to **** your pants. You have the capacity to receive an order while engaged in combat, then execute said order without soiling your diapers. You have no problems logging into and using Ventrilo. You think guild forums are an integral part of guild planning and communication. You feel the need to contribute to your guild, more than just being a number. You are at least 18 years old, and looking to play with people who are at least 18 years old. You look forward to participating in guild events, such as PvP, raiding, and Farming for Gear and Materials.

About Us

The 10th Legion is looking for individuals that meet the criteria listed above. We are looking for team players who want to contribute to the whole of the guild, with no drama. Self starters are highly sought after. Level and class is not an issue, the person behind the character is what matters. You do not have to be the best at PvP, we will train you… You don’t have to know every intricacy of your class, we will train you… If you have the capacity to learn, and the desire to excel, and two opposable thumbs, we will train you.

The 10th Legion engage in regular PvP training and hold weekly guild meetings. We plan fun events for our guild members to take part in such as drunken pvp, tourneys for cash prizes and gear farming. We take care of our Legionaries, offering assistance whenever possible through out your journey to LvL 50.

PvP Policy

Our PvP policy is a simple one. Red is dead. No quarter is expected, none given! We strive to be the best, crushing our foes the first time, every time. Our PvP officers will whip you into proper form in no time, leaving you with a thirst for blood. This thirst will leave some idiot sitting behind his computer screen hundreds of miles away cussing, as he throws his keyboard across the room in a fit of anger.

PvE Policy

End game PvP is an extremely important part of the game. As such, we strive to finish all content and bring in the much coveted loot that we all desire. Fortune favors the brave! Our raid leaders are experienced through multiple end game MMO's and we look to duplicate the successes of the past, here in the now.

Life Comes First

Real life is more important than your online life. X Legion realizes that. As a guild of members 18 years of age and older, we realize that you have other obligations. Be it a job, other hobbies, a family, school, etc... All of these things must come first. We want people who realize this is a game, and treats it as such. We are not interested in anyone that counts "World Progression" or "Domination" as the main things that they look for in a guild. While we will complete all end game PvE content, and endeavor to be amazing in PvP, this is a game. We are interested in good people, not world firsts. Long after SWTOR has been shut down, we will be playing with the same people in another game.

Please join us at
Hit the recruitment tab and sign up.

10th Legion

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We would like to welcome those who have joined in the past couple days. Keep the apps coming. We are shooting for between 25-35 active members during prime time. We do not intend on becoming a massive bloated blob of numbers. Quality over quantity!
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