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Mos Eisley Globetrotters - RP-PVE/PVP Weekend WarriorsFollow

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Mos Eisley Globetrotters

Faction: Republic
Server: RP
Time Zone: PST
Classification: Weekend Warriors

About us: We are real life friends who have played many games together ranging from many different categories. Some of us are SWG Pre-CU vets, where others are avid FPS players. Our experience ranges from many mmo's, which include: EQ, Vanguard, FFXI, WoW, Rift, and the list goes on. We are in our mid to late twenties, some of us work, and some of us are in school. We intend to keep the guild small because of the tight-knit atmosphere it provides. Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly, and helpful atmosphere with a core group of people to explore all content. Membership will be capped at 20 members for now. We will re-open membership if the need arises. "Quality over quantity."

REQUIREMENTS: Age 20+. (exceptions can be made). Be mature, laid back, respectful of others, and reliable. Treat others like you would want to be treated.

Voice Comm.: As of right now were unsure if they will implement voice communications within the game itself. If they do, then we will probably use that. Otherwise, we normally use Skype. We have used Ventrillo and TS, and these programs are great it's just our preference to use Skype. If you don't have a mic, have the ability to listen and follow directions.

Raiding: Yes, we will be involved in raiding but we are not a hardcore raiding guild. We are weekend raiders. Specific raid times have not been established although we expect afternoon and evening times in the PST time zone. Were not going to rush into these raids, the raids will be there when we get there, so let's just enjoy the game until then. This doesn't mean that we aren't going to take raiding seriously when were in an encounter. We are laid-back, but when it comes down to crunch time we do our best to pull through.

Please note: We are not going for world firsts. If we do, that's great, but were not going to go out of our way to achieve these. We do however expect to be effective and successful in the raiding scene once we get there. Previous raiding experience is not required but always welcome. Requirements: have common sense, the willingness to learn, be open-minded, and the ability to listen.

PVE/Dungeons: Were going to be running all the content when we can and heck, we might even run them multiple times. We want to experience all that the game has to offer. Of course were not going to run a dungeon 5 million times in a day, what I mean is that we will run dungeons more than once if we so desire over a vast majority of time.

Attendance: We know real life responsibilities outweigh the game itself and so if something comes up we understand. All we ask is to give us some sort of notice, not just disappear out of no where for a month. Commitment is a valuable trait to have. If you say that you will be available for a certain event we expect you to be there unless we are notified. We will be lax about raiding, but not to the extent of never caring if you show up when you said that you will. If you can't make a raid, as long as you notify an officer there will be no problem.

Loot rules: once the game is closer to launch or when we find out we will update this, but generally it's the same as any other game. Don't roll on something you don't need or you won't use. And make sure it's something that IS for YOUR class i.e. don't roll on a blaster when your class doesn't even use them.

Player vs. Player: Yes, absolutely. We really enjoy team based pvp and you can count on us being involved in one way or another. Of course you are not obligated to pvp when we do, its just an option for you to do so.

Roleplay: It is encouraged to all members seeing as this is an MMORPG. Even though we are light RP we ask all members to respect the RP community and to not interrupt others RP events or otherwise, whether they are guildies or not. We are classifying under "light" RP but RP within guild chat is not mandatory. We will host RP events in-game. One thing though, keep the RP normal. What I mean by this is, don't role-play a half vampire/werewolf Jedi who arrived on the Jetson's vehicle from the planet Pluto.

Other: We were new to the mmorpg genre once too. If you need help just ask and if someone is available they may come and provide assistance to an extent (were not going to do every little thing for you). Just remember, we aren't your personal butlers or maids. We will provide help whenever we can, but just don't expect us to just drop everything that we are doing to just come and help you whenever you ask. Also on that note, we don't tolerate begging or whining within the guild.

Class Specific Recruitment:
Jedi - Guardian: Open Sentinel: Open
Smuggler - Gunslinger: Open Scoundrel: Open
Trooper - Vanguard: Open Commando: Open
Jedi Consular - Sage: Open Shadow: Open

Note:If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or leave a message here.

Application Process: Via - After the application is processed, we can speak with you and go on from there. I might not be able to get back to you right away, but please don't think it's because I am ignoring you. I probably just haven't had time to check all my messages. Once the applications processed, we require a brief interview. If you are accepted you will be placed on a trial period which starts once the game has launched.

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