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Too Little...

#1 Oct 08 2012 at 5:24 PM Rating: Good
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Even without considering the leveling implication, I still don't see why I should find the new system attractive. Why?

Because I don't PVP. There's literally no value to the system if you are a PVE player, particularly if you play DPS. A Tank DK might make a slightly interesting choice when it comes to choosing between Purgatory and AMZ. But even that is simple--go Purgatory unless that boss encounter specifically requires the other.

Tier 1- Rolling Blood, MAYBE Plague Leach if the boss has adds you can regularly steal diseases from. But PVE wants sustained DPS, and (assuming they didn't nerf diseases to ****), they're a significant source of DPS and not worth a single Death rune.

Tier 2- Are you a tank? Purgatory unless you need AMZ. DPS? AMZ unless you need Lichborn, but that's up to you because who the **** cares for 85% of content?

Tier 3- Death's Advance, no argument.

Tier 4- Are you Unholy? Death Pact. Frost? Death Siphon. Blood? Conversion. That's not even subtle.

Tier 5- SLIGHTLY interesting choice, but I'm betting it still falls into spec constraints. Each spec has a clear winner.

Tier 6- Why the **** cares? You're PVE, you don't need snares. Gorefiend's Grasp, because it's the only one with meaningful utility in a PVE environment.

I see no real choices there. None. Sure, there are plenty if you PVP, but nothing of any interest for PVE. I'd even bet the DPS falloff for breaking the spec molds is sizable enough that it's intuitive and doesn't even need TC to prove.

To be fair, that's DK. Mage is MUCH better.

Tier 1- POM, Scorch, or Icy Floes. All of these have actual PVE value. Granted, the choice is clear based on how much moving that encounter requires, but still--it's an actual tree with choices for every spec. If you are Fire Spec, you go Scorch.

Tier 2- Temporal Shield or Ice Barrier. Probably the latter--TS heals back all damage, but that doesn't matter if it kills you. And it's short. IB is a pure shield. Which wins really depends on the encounter, but IB is the overall safe choice. Save TS for when you know it'll perform better.

Tier 3- Frostjaw, next.

Tier 4- Do you need a threat drop for the content you do? Take invis. Otherwise, take Cauterize.

Tier 5- Fire? Go Living Bomb--it procs Pyromaniac on whatever you apply it to. Not Fire? Well, go Living Bomb for ST and Frost Bomb if you need an AOE capable of hitting a large number. I'm thinking Nether Tempest just isn't worth it, not if the WoWhead stats are right.

Tier 6- Are you Arcane? You take Invocation, no arguments. Otherwise, you take Rune of Power. TC might come out that Rune of Power wins for Arcane too, but I doubt it--not with their mastery still being so frickin' stupid.

Better? Sure. But not meaningfully so. Just about everything of value is concentrated down to your spec choice. The talents only become interesting when you are thinking about PVP. It's better than the DK though, because at least you have to make some choices about AoE vs. ST. Of course, that

So yeah, I think it's a dumb system that removed any value from talents for PVE players in exchange for some minimal value for PVP players and the ability to balance PVP more easily, but stifles PVP creativity even further. It's a change that hurts the players overall.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

lolgaxe wrote:
Never underestimate the healing power of a massive dong.
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