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Website: Condemned -
Recruitment: Open - Please note you have to register with our website before your apply! Faction: Guardian, Server: Seastone, Raid times: M-TH 9-12 EST
Twitch.TV Team Page: CND Twitch]]CND Twitch
Youtube Channel: Condemned -

About Us:
• A Five-Year Established History of Achievement. For the last five years, Condemned has been on the cutting edge of PVP domination and ranked PVE progression. While many guilds can claim to have intentions of topping ranked ladders, leading the server to World vs. World wins, and downing PVE content with efficiency, Condemned is one of the few who has the past track record and pedigree to ensure it.

• Strong, Stable Leadership and Dedicated Members. The majority of our leadership corps has been in place for half a decade, and is viewed by membership as holding both high expectations for players while also being fair and transparent in the design of policies and in determining guild direction. Leadership views their role as ensuring the strength of the team, rather than being in a position of power. One only needs to look at our high retention rate of members alongside the acquisition of top tier players who have played against us, on the opposing faction, in previous games as a reflection of our exceptional culture.

• Elite—but humble—players. Our guild roster boasts dozens of multi-season Gladiators, tournament champions, and MLG competitors who approach MMOs with an achievement-oriented philosophy and strive to excel at all aspects of the game. Despite the reputation of the members of ‘hard core’ guilds, our players are humble – constantly working to improve their individual and team performance, while contributing to both a fun but professional atmosphere. We believe in walking the walk, not talking the talk.

• Mature, Organized, Team-Based Play. Our guild philosophy is centered on the concept of team, and you will find exceptional team-based play in all engagements. As a result of this philosophy, our guild invests heavily into the coaching and development of our members – we have in-house strategists and theorycrafters, an officer corps that provides ongoing feedback and coaching to membership, and a crafting system that pools resources to ensure economic monopolization.

• Quality over Quantity. Unlike many gaming organizations that have a zerg mentality, our roster targets are substantially less. In past games, we’ve found that our roster size allows for us to ensure adequate development of all of our members, effective execution of our strategies, and a team-based atmosphere, which has allowed us to dominate other guilds against three to one odds. This is not an guild where the contributions of an individual player to the team are lost, due to size.

Guild Wars 2
• Founder of the Titan Alliance
• #1 ranked server in the world for WvW

Star Wars: The Old Republic
• World Rank 1 for PVE Raid Progression – Tier 1
• US Rank 1/World Rank 2 for PVE Raid Progression – Tier 2
• The most dominant PVP guild on Port Nowhere (US-EST/PVP)
• Flown by the developers to Austin to provide feedback on the game

• World Rank 6/US Rank 5 for PVE Raid Progression
• The most dominant PVP guild on Deepstrike

Aion: The Tower of Eternity
• Elyos guild with the greatest number of keeps held on Triniel

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
• The most dominant destruction guild on Praag
• Established Official Praag Destruction Ventrilo Server
• Member of The Splintered Orc Clan Alliance

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (then known as Guild Havoc)
• Most Winners in the “Best of the Best” PVP Tournament, Sartok Free-for-All server.
• Led raid progression through a majority of content in Acient Port Warehouse.
• Only guild on Sartok to obtain multiple guild halls.

You Are:
• A talented, experienced player. While we recognize that there are many guilds who accept members regardless of their previous achievements, Condemned is not one of them. Our application and interview process is intensive and highly selective, and we only bring in players with a provable track record of results. This level of selectivity is not only one of the reasons for our history of achievements; it’s also the reason many of our members have been with us for multiple years – they know they’re playing with other individuals that they can learn from and rely on.

• Dependable. Condemned hosts scheduled events four nights a week, and we expect our members to be in attendance. While we understand the balance between gaming and other priorities, we require members to post in advance when they will be unable to attend along with rationale. In addition, we expect members to do their homework – selecting the most optimal builds, honing their play, and familiarizing themselves with pvp/pve strategies.

• Rule-Abiding. We have a no-tolerance policy for cheating, the use of exploits, and the use banned third party programs. We also have stringent guidelines regarding interaction with the community, the server, and the public at large. In the extremely rare case where a member has been found to make use of exploits or to talk trash or troll in public forums, they have been removed from the guild immediately.

• Team and Achievement-Oriented. “Hunt as a pack” is a guiding philosophy of our guild, and you should be both willing and excited to ascribe to it in all aspects of the game. Our focus in all games is on teamwork. Given the substantial effort that we put into providing instruction and feedback to our players, each member of Condemned is expected to improve on a regular basis and to strive for achievement in every aspect of the game. If you believe that you are an individual that prioritizes individual achievement/ego over the success of the team, this is not the guild for you.

• Is Condemned a multi-gaming organization? No. While we have played numerous games in the past, we dedicate ourselves solely to a single game, currently we are focused on Rift.

• What if I’m worried I don’t have the experience to be accepted? If the above section “You Are” describes you in more ways than not, we encourage you to apply. Our application system is designed to assess multiple competency areas and ensures that we bring members into the guild that are the right fit. If your application is declined, it is because you would not be a good fit with the guild, and that works out advantageously for both you and for Condemned.

• How can I raise my chances of being admitted? Put serious thought and time into your application, which is a reflection of who you are as a player. We do not advance applications past initial review where the effort indicates that they do not place the same degree of preparation into their work as the other members of our guild.

• Do you cut members from the guild often? It is within our best interests as a guild to retain our players, while also maintaining high expectations for performance. Members are cut if they break any of our no-tolerance rules or for non-approved inactivity. In the case of lower skill levels, we provide rigorous feedback and coaching support to improve performance, with cutting being the last—and rare—step if improvements are not made.

• Will recruitment and applications be open over the long-term? No. We have a target roster size alongside targets for each class. As we are expanding our roster to ensure our competitiveness in Rift, our application process is more open now than it will be next week and next month. Once we have reached our targets, the application process will close.

• Who should I contact with additional questions before applying? Our VOIP is public and information is accessible via our public forums. Simply log-in and contact any officer – at least one is usually available 24/7.

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I have been with Condemned for the longest time and still am because this is a great group of people to play with, they are dedicated and skilled players but also fun people to hang around with.

Definitely the guild to apply for if you like hardcore gaming and teamwork :)
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