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New to Rift ... or is it RIFT? Opinions, questions, etc.Follow

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OK, I'm an older user (won't say how old, but my favorite computer game as a teenager was Dungeons of Daggorath on a TRaSh-80 CoCo). I didn't really get into gaming for several years. My first online MMORPG game was WoW. I've stuck with that for a few years. I tried to try Rift when it came out but my video card wasn't good enough -- well, I didn't really HAVE a video card, just the onboard video, but that was good enough for WoW. Since I've recently gotten a new (low-end) video card, I thought I'd try Rift again and see if it worked. Lo and behold, it did!

So I started playing the Rift Lite version of things. Two characters per shard allowed (so they say ... more on that below) and that's enough for me to give it a try and see if I like it. Which I do, rather a lot, given the less-than-a-week I've been playing. So ... a few questions/comments here ...

1) There are only PvE- and PvP-type shards? I'm a roleplayer at heart, and started before AD&D came out. I see ONE PvE-RP shard, Faeblight. Is there not a lot of RP going on in this game? Are there (official) differences in the rules between (the one) RP realm and the other non-RP realms?

2) This may be a bug. I'm playing Rift Lite, and it says that I can only have two characters per shard. I am, however, able to create a third character without any warnings or problems logging in to any of the extant characters. (Literally, I just did that as I was typing this post, and I am able to log in to all three characters successfully.) Is there something I'm missing? Will the servers delete one (or all) of them eventually? I tried logging all the way out and then back in again, and all three characters were there and I could log into each of them.

3) The whole lore thing is a bit confusing. I've played both Guardian and Defiant and from what I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong on this), the Guardian comes back twenty years after the opening questlines and the Defiant travels back in time from the future to the same time that the Guardians are "ascended" into?

4) The first time I opened the addon window (on the character creation screen), which was about three hours ago, it said that addons were "in beta," if I recall correctly. It doesn't give that same message now. Are addons working in Rift? Over in WoW, I use several addons. One in particular I miss is called Bartender, which allows you to have several bars with however many buttons you want positioned wherever you want them. The default Rift UI is superior (IMO) to the default WoW UI simply because it allows you to do a good bit of that without any addons. (You can have several, you can put them where you want, etc.) One thing I particularly like about the Rift UI is the inclusion of the 'exportui' and 'importui' functions so that all of my characters (yes, I'm an altoholic) can easily use the same keys for the same things. The major weakness that I see (based purely on the playstyle to which I'm accustomed) is that you can't change the number of 'slots' on the bars. Another addon was Titan Bar, which I used to just put some information on-screen (like how full my bags were getting) and such.

5) The soul tree system is awesome. One of the major draws to this game. I like the idea that any calling could conceivably fill any role in a group depending on the souls they chose. (Not so sure about a mage tank, though.) My main worry is that it will turn (or has turned) into a "this build is l33t others suck" for the calling/role, similar to how WoW came down to the 'best' build for every class and tree. (Which that other company is trying to get away from in the next release, though how successfully remains to be seen.)

6) When does the questline lead you to a major city, with the auction house and banks and stuff? In WoW, I would often (as in always) create one character to be a "banker" and run him to a major city so that he would have access to these things, skipping even the most basic quests. Clearly, since the characters start in a different TIME than the main storyline, that's impossible. Is that fairly common once you can get a character to a major city (i.e., after the time travel bit)? For a starting character on a shard, would you recommend that I hold onto low-level greens for the AH or an artificer, or just sell them to free up some much-needed bag space?

7) Documentation is kinda lacking. For instance, all of the low-level greens (on one character at least) are marked as salvageable. I seriously wasn't sure what that meant. Was it like in WoW where an enchanter (of in Rift, an artificer ... or is it runemaker?) could "disenchant" them to get useful materials? Or is this something new where a cloth or leather skill (e.g., outfitter) could rip them apart and find some use for them? I actually searched on the web for the better part of an hour without coming up with an answer, though finally I did.

7a) Another thing is with the macros. Macros are good, IMO. It seems that a lot of the documentation on Rift macros out there is pretty weak, at least compared to what WoW has. OK, I know comparing a game just over a year old with one that has been running for a decade might be unfair. But still.

8) In the first part of the story, I felt kind of "led along" as in this quest led to that quest and you really didn't have that much of a choice if you wanted to keep going. It's less so after the time-travel thing. WoW's last official release had leveling being so linear that it became annoying. (Though you had a choice of a few different areas/storylines, it wasn't as freeform as it could have been.) Is it going to be the same all along, or will it get less "directed" as I progress?

Anyhow, I apologize for the wall of text. At my age you tend to ramble a bit. Though I hope somebody could answer a few of the questions for me.

Thanks for reading this, if you did.
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