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#1 Jul 29 2011 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
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I absolutely love the synergy between Riftstalker and Bladedancer. So I have 3 builds I made myself that I would like to share with the community to get some feedback. Obviously people can try their own versions of these builds, not everyone is gonna like where I put every point.

Build One: Boss/Single-Target Tank
36 Riftstalker/22 Bladedancer/8 Ranger
Questionable Calls:
1. Rift Guard&Rift Barrier- I like to have both because barrier gives you a window at the beginning of the fight to get your False Blade and your Guarded Steel up then your Rift Guard. I know this is a point of contention.
2. Only putting 36 points in Riftstalker. This I think is the beauty of the builds I have made. The 6% parry gained from Improved False Blade is something that really caught my eye and I haven't looked back since I incorporated it. While most point in Bladedancer are more DPS-oriented I feel they help enough to make up for the lack of a full Riftstalker tree.
3. Lack of Boosted Recovery- I feel the 6% healing received is next to useless, and the 9% Attack Power gives enough threat(however minimal that is) to make up for it.
4. Death from the Shadows- This actually brings me to my next point. I just don't see Rift Prison and Freedom of Movement being more useful than the 20% damage boost on my main opener, but if you like to open with something different I can definetly seeing not taking this.
5. The points I put in Bladedancer I feel are the best single-target tanking points you can get for that tree and the Ranger talents i chose are self-explanatory.

Build Two: Trash/Multi-Target Tank
36 Riftstalker/22 Bladedancer/8 Ranger
Questionable Calls:
1.See Build One Questionable Calls #1, #2, and #5.
2. Rift Prison- The extra CC for Trash pulls is useful and totally worth the 1 point investment.
3. Rift Scavenger+Combat Culmination- These 2 talents I find fit into the Riftstalker playstyle of the later into the fight it is the stronger tank we become(to a certain extent).

Build Three: Leveling/Solo DPS
35 Bladedancer/31 Riftstalker/0 Assassin
This build has great survivability, amazing group takedown, mobility from Riftstalker is priceless, and generates combo points very easily. Highly, HIGHLY recommended leveling spec.
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