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!!~ BEST PvP Tank [War 23|Pal 33|Rea 10] DISCUSSION ~!!Follow

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PvP Tank [Warlord 23|Paladin 33|Reaver 10] Discussion

Table of Content
1. Role
2. Pros & Cons
3. Callings
4. Tree Abilities Overview


1. Role
The Role of this Warrior Build is to with stand countless hits, fighting off 1v2(or more) players and surviving, while pretty much everything that you do heals you (IE. Your Attacks, Enemies Crits, Blocking Attacks, etc…). This Build can be used for PvE Solo but wont do as much damage so PvE Group wouldn’t be a good idea to use this build. For PvP this build should be easy for 1v1 as you would out last your opponents and still do quite a bit of damage, but might have difficulties on fighting Healers as burst damage is low. In the Warfronts such as Black Garden picking up the Fang of Regulos would be your main job as you would have High Armor, High Block Chance, Dodge, Damage Reduction of Spells and Physical attacks, and multiple ways on healing your self as Blocking heals you, some of your damaging spells and attacks heals you, and enemy crits heal you.


2. Pros & Cons

- Can take on multiple enemy players at once.
- Extremely Defensive; High Block Chance, High Armor, & can Dodge.
- A lot of 'Reduce Damage Taken'
- Able to Heal from Attacks, successful Blocks, and when being a victim of a critical strike.
- Alot of Stuns.

- Low damage & burst.


3. Callings
Primary: Paladin
Secondary: Warlord / Reaver

Paladin: The Paladin is one of the main tanking Class. The tree provides a lot of Blocking, Damage reduction, Utilities and Stuns, which is why this should be the Primary Class.

Beastmaster: The reason why I didn’t pick Beastmaster was because it focuses to much on Pet Stats rather then Self survivability. Sure you can deal quite a bit damage with the bleeds and pet attacks but in most PvP fights players tend to ignore the pets and go straight for the enemy players.

Reaver: The Reaver is chosen because of the early points of the tree, with the points in Reaver; all damage taken is Reduce by a percentage and with Soul Feast your attacks heals you. My thoughts on this was “Reducing Damage + Healing as you attack = Quite overpowering” as you will become hard to kill.

Champion: I didn’t chose this soul because it focuses on 2 handed weapons and I was wanting to use a shield for more protection.

Riftblade: In the Riftblade tree there wasn’t many talents that provided support for the PvP Tank-like build I wanted, It strictly focused on damaging enemies.

Warlord: Warlord seemed like the ideal secondary tree that would fit perfect in the build. Right off the bat, it provides an increase in Armor and Blocking chance, but what made this Tree shine was the ‘Increase all healing taken’ talent and the ‘Heal after being crit’ knowing all dps classes would focus on ‘Crit Chance’ having ‘That Which Doesn’t Kill Me’ would help recover you from the damage.

Paragon: Although the tree seemed pretty good for my situation as I was digging the ‘Parry Chances’ but the only problem was most of it required Duel-Wielding, so my thoughts on this tree flew out the window.

Void Knight: I like the idea of having Void Knight as one of my secondary trees because of the Ani-Magic stuff but the only problem was I had such little Points left and the talents early on didn’t interest me.

Vindicator: When I looked at Vindicator and its defensive and survivability talents, there wasn’t much and early on points would be spent on talents that would help others rather then self.


4. Tree Abilities Overview

Warlord Tree (23)
Powerful Countenance (5/5): Increase Armor 10%
Enhanced Dodge (5/5): Increase Dodge 5%.
Defensive Experiance (5/5): Increase Block 5%.
That Which Doesn't Kill Me (5/5): Being a victim of a crit, heals 25% of damage done.
Figurehead (3/3): Increase healing taken by 6%.

Paladin Tree (33)
Stalwart Shield (5/5): Increase Block 10%.
Defender (5/5): Increase Armor 10%.
Light's Hammer (1/1): Damaging & Stun spell.
Hardened Will (3/3): Reduce incoming spell damage by 9%.
Martial: Shield (1/1): Blocks increase Attack Points.
Unyielding Defense (5/5): Reduce 20% damage when blocked.
Paladin's: Devotion (1/1): Breaks Stun, Fear, Disarm, and Confuse.
Vengeful Wrath (3/3): Increase damage of Retaliation, Disarming Counterblow, and
Paladin's Reprisal by 30%.
[b]Karmic Resolution (2/2):
Retaliation and Disarming Counterblow heals 30% of damage.
Balance of Power (3/3): Block attacks deal 160% of damage back to attacker.
Tip the Balance (2/2): Heals 100% of damage done by Balance of Power.
Shield of the Chosen (1/1): Increase Block 5% and Armor by 317.
Paladin's Reprisal (1/1): Damage & Stun Spell.

Reaver Tree (10)
Power in the Blood (5/5): Reduce damage taken by 20% when health's below 30%.
Imbued Armor (4/5): Reduce damage by 4%.
Soul Feast (1/1): Soul Sickness and Creeping Death heals 50% of damage.

Tree Stats with Self buffs
Blocking Chance: +20%.
Armor: +20% +317.
Reducing Damage: 4% taken damage, 9% spell damage, 20% when healths low.
Healing: (Healing increased by 6%), 25% heal from crit damage, 30% from Retaliation and
Disarming Counterblow, 100% of damage done by Balance of Power, 50% of damage from
Soul Sickness and Creeping Death.

!!!~~~~~~~~~[ I want to know your guys thoughts and oppinion about this Build ]~~~~~~~!!!


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I'm going to try this one i'm sick of dungeons but want to keep all my tank specs i'll re-post with pro's and Cons
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