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Warlock Leveling build/guide 1-30Follow

#1 Feb 12 2011 at 7:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Greetings. For anyone interested in playing a purely "DoT" class here is a quick guide for it.

The basic strategy of this build is, when possible, dot up a target and proceed to the next one while your dots finish the job - a fire-and-forget kind of. The pet is purely for aditional damage, you should not need to manage it - just put it on defensive and forget about it.

This build is aimed at maximising leveling efficiency (0 downtime, infinite mana, free healing). It is, however, also great in almost everything you are able to do with your mage.

Strategy: Just dot all mobs as you wish, you have virtually limitless amount of mana and no downtime whatsoever. You will be tanking the dieing mobs but you also regain health easily. Just remember - with this build you can transfer health into mana, mana into power (by casting spells durr) and power into health. Yep, its that awesome.

LEVEL 1-10
Plague Bolt - useless, take it off your action bars.
Summon: Skeletal Horror - no need to keybind this. No need to manage it. Put it on Defensive and forget about it. It's basicly another "DoT".
Life Leech - Your best DoT. Heals you for abit. You can even tank stuff if you have enought targets with this up for a constant healing stream.
Void Bolt - cast mostly when you realy want something dead faster. It provides higher pure dps than your dots but its less efficient since you cant move or start dotting other mobs. And its boring :P
Dark Touch - a DoT, use it.
Dark Armor - Your armor, its fairly useless so make sure you dont cast it of someone else placed a better one on you.
Sacrifice Life: Mana - Cast it to transfer some health into mana. Very important and useful spell to master.
Reconstruct - Same as above. Channel this to transfer some power into health. This is a very powerful spell - even tho you are interrupted if you get hit you can, however, recast it right away.
Vile Spores - useless, take it off your action bars.
Withering Vine - the only reason to put only two points into chloro - another dot with abit of healing.
Radiant Spores - usually you can skip casting this while soloing the usual quests. In group or hard targets its quite useful for some overall healing. It gets better later when you get more dots.

Casting sequence: Vine>Leech>Spores>Touch>Necrosis.
You can skip Spores on trash mobs.
Once these 4 are on the target you can forget about it and move to the next. It will die to the DoTs.
You cast Vine and Leech first because they have a casting time, ergo you will minimize casting interrupts.

LEVEL 11-20
Neddra's Strength - typical single-target buff. You will get the group version later.
Revivify - useless, take it off your action bars.
Fear - It fears things.
Wither - a 1.5sec powerful slow. Fairly useless for questing since you simply tank all the mobs that attack you but otherwise good.
Devouring Shadows - the coolest instant targetted ground AoE. Its similar to other classes.
Sacrifice Life: Damage - takes some health to increase your damage. Good for burst with voidbolt spam.
Mortality - You shall love it. Uninterruptable (by normal dmg) powerfull aoe that heals you for 100% of dmg done. Yep, it's that good.
Neddra's Grasp - another DoT. With a flavour. Sow it into your casting rotation.

LEVEL 21-30
Reclaim Power - useless, take it off your action bars.
Consumption - Dispells a buff on the enemy giving you 5% mana. Use it every time to minimise "mana sacs" (can i coin this term? :) )
Radiate Death - Situational, not very useful overall.
Shadow Life - Very useful, especially when you end up pulling too many.
Warlock Armor - an upgrated armor, now fairly useful. Plays very well with this playstyle.

By now you should have: Vine>Leech>Spores>Touch>Necrosis>Grasp.
Cast that on a target and move to the next. After chainpulling 3-5 mobs like that finish with a couple of bolts and aoeloot them all :)

-Why did you not take X Y Z - because i found its fairy useless and the soul points are better spent elsewhere
-But i like using X Y Z - by all means do it. Im just pointing out the most efficient (not to be confused with "effective")
-Is it good in pvp? - its one of the strongest 1v1. In pvp focus only on spamming Life Leech on as many targets as possible - you should be able to tank the enemy team for abit with Shadow Life and Mortality... With abit of healing from a cleric ofc :) Putting all 6 dots on a target coupled with your void bolts you should be able to kill anyone even with healing... most of the times...
-Why not Pyromancer? This is better than pyromancer in every way. It kills your quest mobs faster and you end up with full health and mana all the time. /caek
-But seriously, no Draining Bolt? - needs buffing, right now its fairly wasteful. I mean its neat but not worth the soul point. You already have too many spells to manage.
-Neddra's Torture? - same as above - its neat, but spend that talent elsewhere.
-Dark Fury? - Do you realy need a 3rd Take?
-Summoning my skeleton is boo boo - wait for the Opportunity proc for an instant cast.
-Why not more than 2 points in Chloro - Warlock is DPS - so you maximise your dps. Bloom is not as useful since you can already heal yourself for free using other spells.

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Edited, Feb 12th 2011 10:40pm by frag971
#2 Apr 05 2011 at 1:51 AM Rating: Default
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I love this build specially in PvP I top damage charts every match. But curious what did you do after 30? bc I've just reached 29 and still debating where I want my points to do now.
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#3 Jun 03 2011 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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*Raises thread from the dead*

Really enjoying this build, and I am close to hitting 28. Just curious what some good ideas are to continue this build or adapt it to function towards 50.
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#4 Jun 14 2011 at 10:19 AM Rating: Default
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I realize this is a necro post, but I just wanted to comment:

Overall, looks like a fun questing build, and I think I'll probably try it out. However, a comment, as someone who has played necro-heavy mage builds: I think the OP drastically underestimates the effectiveness of recover power, and to a lesser extent, revivify. While the warlock build includes a cannibalize/life tap ability, it damages the 'lock. Recover power is a fantastic post-fight recharger. Out-of-combat, the pet heals at a ridiculously fast rate, and you can go from almost empty to full with almost zero downtime. It may not be the MOST beneficial spell for this particular build, but to call it completely useless is very shortsighted.

Ok, back in the ground with this one.
#5 Jun 20 2011 at 7:05 AM Rating: Decent
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Very nice writeup.

There was nothing like this when I was leveling my Necro/Lock (32/34/0), wish I would of had this. I have not tried vines in my rotation, and only use it if someone is coming at me while engaged with several other mobs, thereby giving me a few extra sec. to down a mob.

With this build you get all the dots in the world and have some fun as well. You also get Neddra's Essence and Lich Form. Using Life leach and Essence Link will give you all the life you can use up. This is a damage build, not a burst damage build. You can add Pyro for a few burst damage spells.

I hope this info helps.
May the Wind be always at your Back,
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#6 Jun 24 2011 at 7:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Anyone else going to finish this build up? I would like to see what else it can do.
#8 Jul 25 2011 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent
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He don't know what else to say because he stole this guide off someone lol simple as.
#9 Sep 18 2011 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Ceejzor wrote:
He don't know what else to say because he stole this guide off someone lol simple as.

I wrote this myself during beta/start. I have no plans to update/extend this for i don't play a mage atm. I may repost a complete spec in the future when i get to play a mage tho.
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